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Apr 15, 2007 09:40 AM

pizza in astoria?! fruits de mer?!

i'm sure a pizza topic has been done to death in the astoria section... but i'm new to astoria and have yet to find memorable pizza here. is there such a thing???????
i'm in the 30th ave/steinway area... is there a place that is noteworthy that delivers?

oh and i'm not talking sicilian here (ie. rizzos) just a regular thin crust pizza.

also: is there ANYWHERE that offers pizza with fruits de mer? (calamari and shrimp)

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  1. I like Portobello on 43rd and Ditmars. They have good brick oven too. There's also a restaurant across the street from them that does outstanding brick oven pizza, but it's been a long time since I called them for delivery, and their delivey was only sometimes.

    1. Rizzo's does a good regular thin crust. Give it a try.

      1. When in Astoria, get the pizza that's good in Astoria. I lived in the neighborhood for years, left, came back and never had a good version of the standard NY slice here. Never had any worth mentioning at all. It's nut much of a pizza neighborhood in general.

        Rizzo's is a decent thin Sicilian, Rose and Joe's (31st St. near Ditmars) very good grandma slices from if I recall. Grand Ave. Pizza on 30th Ave. used to hav a good Sicilian slice, but it looks like the place wither changed hands or at least the pizzaman I remmber (a cockeyed guy with a mustache) is gone, and the current stuff looks like a dim echo.

        Pamela (yes, Pamela) on Steinway near 28th does the Greek style (hard-cooked, browned cheese, tangy sauce and a medium-thick pan crust) most common in New England.

        Sac's at Browadway around Crescent wastes a coal oven and terrific ingredients on lifeless coal-oven pies. No char, no snap. It's good, but they've got the equipment to make great.

        You can probably get that chichi shrimp calamari kinda thing at Sac's, and if they leave it in the oven long enough, it'd probably be pretty good.

        I'm curious about the Brazilian pizzeria on 36th Ave. Anyone familiar with Brazilian-style pizza with the thin cracker crust and toppings like shredded chicken and Caitupiry cheese able to weigh in before I get over there?

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          i don't like rizzos pizza. so there goes that.

          the brazilian pizza sounds good... i had pizza in brazil and it was great! catupiry cheese and hearts of palm....yum.

          the shrimp/calamari "chichi" thing is for my fiance. where he's from, even pizza hut has a fruits de mer pizza on their menu! i can't seem to find that here for him. i guess i could bring some shrimp and ask them to throw it on there for me? haha

        2. I know it is terribly low-rent, but I love pizza and I really love Polito's on Steinway and Broadway (next to the Chase bank). So worth the two avenues and they certainly deliver. Reheats are typically not great, but if you get a fresh pie or order one, it is delicious.

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          1. re: jilluary

            I agree about politos but i also love Romanos further down broadway
            Small pies are awesome