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Apr 15, 2007 09:38 AM

EMP - The essential "What to order?" list

After reading positive reviews on various food boards, I will be going to Eleven Madison Park next friday for an anniversary dinner. Contemplating between the $96 and $145 pre fixe menu; what are the dishes that are "not to be missed"? Thanks

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  1. If you choose the $145 Gourmand tasting, that is the set menu. No choices for you to make unless there is something on it that you are allergic to or that you detest, in which case, inform your server, and the kitchen will provide a substitution. Keep in mind that everyone at the table must have it.

    With the $96 menu, you get to select from the a la carte menu. In the appetizer category, if you like fois gras, then it's a no-brainer because Chef Humm's foie gras is literally to die for! There is a $15 supplement but, in my view, it's worth every extra dollar. But if you don't like fois gras, then I'd say go for the super yummy beets. For the fish and seafood course, I can't advise you specifically because I haven't had any of the current offerings. However, from my experience with Chef Humm's fish preparations, you can't go wrong regardless of which you choose. When it comes to the meat course, again, it's a no-brainer. His signature duck for two is a must!! Desserts are new since we were there last. I've always enjoyed the desserts I've had there, but there are those who feel it's the weakest link, so unless something really appeals to you, you might want to consider ending with cheese. Or, the two of you might get one cheese and one dessert and share.

    I have little doubt that you will exit EMP blissfully sated. Happy Anniversary and Bon Appetit!

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      I am aware of the $145 gourmand tasting where it's the set menu; was looking more about which dishes to choose for the lesser pre-fixe options. Thanks RGR for your reply. Any other suggestions?

    2. Get the pork confit. It is outstanding.

      1. i haven't been in about a year, but i have to say that the chocolate souffle with 3 different chocolate ice creams is amazing, but i am a cheese person as well, so . . . we had both. besides gary danko in san fran i have never left a restaurant feeling more full.

        1. We just had the tasting menu recently and there was not a dud on the list. The only way I would order the 4 course menu is if you are either pressed for time or have less of an appetite or really want the duck. The only thing missing from the tasting is the duck.

          Of the fish courses, I enjoyed the Halibut very much and also the Loup de Mer when I have had both.

          For the meats, the pork and the veal were outstanding, and the beef was a solid choice for the less adventurous eater.

          If you like sweet wines, the tasting flight of one oz pours from three excellent and expensive bottles was a real treat.

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            Thank guys for the reply. I'll post a review prob next week about my first EMP experience. Any more suggestions, please contribute to this thread, so I can experience EMP at it's finest.

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              I usually get the tasting menu but I must say, the duck is amazing.