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Apr 15, 2007 09:35 AM

Savannah, GA Huey's and Garibaldi's

My husband and I just got back from a short trip to Savannah to see a concert and spend a day wandering around. We had lunch at Huey's on the river, and I have to say, despite my expectation that it would be a typical mediocre food on the river tourist experience, the jazz burger we both got for lunch was excellent. Now this honestly might be because we can't get a rare burger in North Carolina anymore, but we thought they were really great. The fries were also excellent. And the service was really good, too.

For dinner we ate at Garibaldi's and loved it. The service was only so-so, I couldn't decide if our waiter didn't like us, or if he was just stiff, He certainly took care of our needs, but it was pretty chilly service., But the food made up for it. I started with their crispy risotto cake with shrimp, which was perfect - nice and crisp outside and tender inside with a rich cream sauce and big, plump shrimp. My husband had steamed oysters and said they were very fresh. For dinner I had a filet with bernaise and the twice-baked potato. The steak was delicious and tender and well-seasoned. Unfortunately, the potato left a great deal to be desired. It was cold and tasted a little stale and "meh". Pretty to look at, but not great tasting. My husband had their signature flounder dish and loved it. I tasted it and it was wonderful. They score a whole flounder and fry it until it's crispy with some kind of apricot chutney. The result on the bottom is a caramelized crunchy crust on the flounder. It was really great. I ate way too much and had to waddle back to the hotel, but we would definitely recommend it.

As we were wandering around during the day, I noticed a HUGE line at Lady and Sons and honestly didn't realize it was Paula Deen's restaurant. The line wrapped around the block.

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  1. Two decent choices. Garbaldi's service has always been lacking;the owners have PinkHouse and BistroSavannah also but run them out of Charleston; so absentee owners make for lackluster staff. Huey's is typically on point for lunch, excellent breakfast,too.
    Many fine dining/white table cloth places in SAV do that scoured flounder better. If you have the time you should come back and try it at AJ's on Tybee Island. The most consistent quality fish in town, so they run out quickly; they also change oil more frequently than most.
    Up the cobblestones from Huey's is Vic's on the River. Probably the best food in town right now.
    Come on back, we need more foodie visitors!!!

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      We saw Vic's when we were ratting around after the concert, but it was closed. We'll definitely give it a try next time we're in town. One thing that struck us was how early the restaurants and bars on the river close there. Maybe it's the time of year, but we left a concert and got to the riverfront at five until ten and were turned out of a couple of places because they closed at 10:00. Since our bars in Wilmington don't close until 2:00 AM, that was quite a shocker for us. (Not that we're usually up anywhere near that late, but it was just surprising.)