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Apr 15, 2007 09:32 AM

Dinner near Mariner Arena in Balto?

Looking for a casual but decent spot for Saturday dinner before a show at the Mariner Center. Would prefer something walking distance (to avoid parking twice). The Inner Harbor is always a possibility but was curious what else is Hound recommended ? Thanks.

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  1. Maggie Moore's at Eutaw and Baltimore is a good, nearby Irish pub. Nice Irish dishes, excellent atmosphere in a beautiful building. A bit farther away is Sotta Sopra at Charles and Mulberry--very good upscale Italian, highly recommended.

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      Maggie Moore's is definately casual, but is definately not something I'd recommend for good food. You can check out this thread for other reviews

      I'd say if you care about food, it's worth parking twice, b/c there's really not much over by the arena (yet)

    2. Depending on how far you want to walk...Federal Hill is a good 15min or so walk and there are a number of places there you could eat cheaply and well, try: SoBo Cafe; Kiko Sushi; Thai Arroy (BYO). Or you could venture to lower end of Charles Street (good 20mins) to: Sacha's 527; the Helmand; Thairish. It's been said before; the Inner Harbor has a plethora of chains beyond that, you'll have to get into your car and drive. You can avoid parking fees by street parking - most of Charles Street is street parking.
      If you go a 10min drive up Charles Street there's the Brewars Art - bar menu is reasonable but go early, the Happy Hr. crowd hits and its a zoo; or Ethiopian @ Dukem.
      Quick thought: Marticks is on the west side, its seedy surroudings shouldn't deter you from a great meal. Remember to call ahead and book though or else the door wont open.

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        Thanks for all the suggestions - we ended up at the Helmand and enjoyed the Afghan cusine with excellent service. Definitely want to check out Marticks sometime as I've heard its quite the old Baltimore experience....

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          "Definitely want to check out Marticks sometime as I've heard its quite the old Baltimore experience"

          That sounds like you're thinking of the now-defunct Marconi's. Martick's is a quirky, cool place that I like a lot, but I certainly wouldn't characterize it as "old Baltimore".