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Apr 15, 2007 09:01 AM

In which section should I place 'Korea'?

Well, I'm quite new in this place and btw I'm Korean. I seem to have a lot to post about Korea, Korean food, Korean restos and Korean tourist sites BUT cannot seem to find the right section of the board to put them. T-T Does it go in the 'Greater Asia' or 'South Asia' or 'International'?
I would be more than happy to see an individual section only for 'Korea' as I can see countries like japan and china have one.
Would it be too much of a work? :-D

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  1. Right now, Korea is discussed under Greater Asia, so you can place your posts about places to eat there.

    If you want to post about Korean food in general, rather than discussing a specific food source (e.g. restaurant, stall), that goes under General Topics.

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