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Apr 15, 2007 08:29 AM

CA Science Center for Star Wars (downtown LA) ~ ISO lite lunch/dinner recs

Our company scored some passes to the exhibit up there.
Normally, I only drive up from OC for a sit down dinner.
But today we're all about the museum.

My fiancee is comfortable driving thru the various neighborhoods,
but we aren't so well versed with where to eat. Any Asian, Mex is good,
and I'm open to anything else (esp if there's a website I can view
beforehand so we can Google a map/peek at the menu).
Would like something cheap - $10 and below per person.

Can go with healthy or not, just as long as it's good chow.
Warn me if it's spicy, k?


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  1. The nearest food of any quality is at Mercado la Paloma, a community marketplace and food court at 3655 S. Grand Avenue. Located there is the Yucatecan restaurant Chichenitza, very popular on this board, and very nice Mexican food is also served at the adjacent stand, Taquerias Vista Hermosa. And more.

    See also the following posts for other suggestions.

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      I send this! It's right nearby, you can walk or drive (They have ample free parking) and it's right near the freeway so itll put you back home in no time.


    2. Hi. I don't have any specific restaurant recommendations, but I think you will be close to Koreatown and Little Tokyo.

      If you jump onto the 110 freeway north from downtown LA, you will also quickly get to Chinatown and the at the end of the 110 freeway, Pasadena.

      I think the Mercado La Paloma rec in Pay Or Play's post sounds like a good option, worth checking out.

      1. Had a tasty gordita over at Mercado al Paloma, and even hightailed over to another spot for something in K-town I read in another topic. Thanks for the rec. It was worth it!

        1. We are going to the same exhibit also, and thinking of trying one of these 2 places (I think the bakery doesn't have any sit down area though). They are fairly close to the Science Center:

          Mama's Hot Tamale (
          )La Flor de Yucatan Bakery

          They've got good reviews on chowhound (just do a search).

          1. There's a really good noodle place in Little Tokyo called "Daikokuya". It's on 1st across from the Miyako Inn. I think it's like a block North of Alameda. It has a yellow awning outside and usually will have a line too. But what makes them different than the other ramen houses in Little Tokyo is that they do this process called "Tonkotsu" style which means they boil the pork bones to make this awesome broth that's cloudy and tasty. They have a really good pork bowl combo too.