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Apr 15, 2007 08:25 AM

Geoduck in Seattle

My husband is going to be in Seattle next weekend on business. He wants to eat geoduck and says that last year when he was there for the same conference, none of the restaurants had it. We are lifelong East Coasters and are totally ignorant of this local delicacy - is it only available seasonally or was he just looking at the wrong restaurants? If it's available at this time of year, where should he go? Location is not an issue.

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  1. it is rare to find this treat on the menus of "occidental" restaurants; it is far more common at better sushi places and any number of chinese restaurants, especially those specializing in seafood. a phone call before arriving would be a good idea.

    1. clamming for geoducks is seasonal. i believe fresh local geoduck is available in the winter, but people serve frozen stuff all year. licorous had a delicious geoduck ceviche, but i believe it was taken off the menu a month or so ago.
      nishino's, saito and shiro's are excellent sushi places to try that would have fresh geoduck.

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        I can't believe I missed Geoduck Ceviche! That sounds so so good.

      2. I definitely recommend Shiro's in Belltown. He should order the Geoduck Butter Yaki, its delicious! You get the best of both worlds because it's cooked with fresh mushrooms that I'm assuming are from the Pacific Northwest. I have gone there b4 and they didn't have it so I would definitely call ahead.

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          Landguy, Shiro's serving of Monkfish Liver is amazing. (Along with his seasoned, fried shrimp heads.) Be sure to ask for the Monkfish next visit.

        2. I had geoduck at Union within the last two weeks.

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            Union also has tairagai (pen shell clam) which is worth trying if you like geoduck. One can also get geoduck sashimi at better chinese restaurants on the east coast (e.g. Peach Farm in Boston Chinatown) where you can see it swimming in tanks.

          2. Just had geoduck in Issaquah at I Sushi near the Costco. Sashimi style and it was incredible. Yummy and can't wait for more.'s not on the menu.