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Apr 15, 2007 08:25 AM

Bouley new view

I ate at Bouley recently and it had been a while since I had last been there. I think the service has gone downhill and the knowledge of the wait staff was poor. We did a tasting menu and the first three courses were rushed out to us. The wine pairings were only average and the wine was poured early and late.

The quality of the food and the plate presentation were almost perfect, as before the breads were mouthwatering, but I think the front of the house needs a bit of attention. I expect more at that restaurant.

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  1. I agree with this post 100%. We celebrated our wedding anniversary at Bouley last week and our food was phenomenal.
    But we had the same experience with the service. Did the tasting menu and the first two courses came out in good timing. Then it was 40 minutes until our next course, and those that followed were rushed out. When it was time for dessert and we ordered coffee the waiter asked if we wanted our coffee with dessert or after. We asked for it to be served with dessert (I hate it when they bring your coffee after dessert, as you're paying the bill), and the coffee didn't come out until we had finished dessert.
    (We didn't do the wine pairings so I can't speak to that.)

    For the price and reputation of this restaurant, I would have expected impeccable service.

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      Sad really. Bouley is unquestionably one of the finest chefs in the USA. He's an interesting guy to boot. However, even in the days of the original Bouley (and going back further to when he was the chef at Montrachet)... timing problems have always plagued him. He's a great great chef. a true artist.. but a terrible organizer and businessman. He needs someone else to organize kitchen and front of the house. Given the history, don't think that will happen tho.

    2. I had a similar experience at Danube (though the service there was rude and bordering on incompetent). I fired off a letter to the restaurant and the house manager called to apologize (wiith excuses about bad weather/short-staffed, etc.) Though I was invited to return for another meal, I couldn't justify spending major bucks in a place that treated me so rudely. I do love Bouley, however, and have usually had near perfect experiences there.