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Apr 15, 2007 07:35 AM

last minute query: need close-by place for Washingto Square Village area lunch?

An out-of-town friend is coming for lunch and with the rain we don't want to venture far from our apartment at Washington Square Village. We'd like a quiet place for catch-up conversation.

Last time we took her to Noho Star so we'd like something else. And not much further than that.

Would Choga work? (Is it quiet? Is it more than a student hang-out?). Any other ideas?


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  1. I have enjoyed meals at the restaurant associated with the Washington Square Hotel and, just one block over, Blue Hill. If creative, global veggie is more your inclination, check out Gobo ("food for the five senses") @401 Ave of Americas (near Waverly). Hope you find a good meal, and stay dry!

    1. Otto--I've heard it's not as crowded for lunch.