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Apr 15, 2007 06:15 AM

City Cellar In East Garden City

Anyone been. I've heard very good things but have not gone since the wife is on bedrest. Seems like a nice place. Mini chain as part of a small FLA restaurant group.

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  1. Not sure what to make of it but passed by last night around 8:30 and the place seemed dead as compared to the hoards of people waiting to get into "Famous Daves", and most of the other chains in that vicinity. More of a reason to give it a try.

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    1. re: MKS

      I popped in to get a menu, just for the heck of it. Very pricey, for a chain, or "mini-chain".

      Smacked of a wannabe "city style" hip spot, but really just a chain among chains in the retail mecca. Why go to a spot like this when there are so many small and good mom and pops to enjoy?

      We try our best to support the mom and pops and not the chains.

      People are always complaining about the lack of good eats on the Island on this board. If we all supported the small businesses, we wouldn't have to complain.

      The chains will do just fine on their own, catering to the sheep.

      1. re: JGS

        I quess my reverse psychology backfired. No crowds does not equal no chain. I'm with you on the mom and pops. Thanks for setting me straight.

        1. re: JGS

          I support local places too, but this isn't exactly a big, bad chain restaurant, is it? It's apparently 4 guys with a bunch on places in FLA and in outside of FLA.

          1. re: GCGuy

            I quess the bottom line is feedback from someone who has tried it.

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        1. I ate there a few weeks ago, it was very good. The atmosphere is great, interesting menu. Definitely worth a try, it is a small chain from Florida which makes it unique, a lot different from the mega chains of Chilis, Bertucci's, Houlahan's, Friday's that have taken over that area.

          1. re: CityFoodNY

            Yes, sadly an Applebee's is opening in the new building by Home Expo. Damnit..I was really hoping for something good.

            1. re: GCGuy

              Thank you CityFoodNY for your review.

            2. re: MKS

              I finally have some time off this week and am going to try this place. Is it Italian? Right across from Target, no?

              I have some issus with Famous Dave's but seems like perhaps this is less chainy (is that a word?) according to what you all have to say? I'm a huge fan of the mom & pops too, as long as they give me big portions 'cause I'm a big fella with a little wallet!!!!

          2. I work near City Cellar and have eaten there twice for lunch. I had salads both times. The first time I had a grilled chicken salad. It was pretty good, and there were some interesting things in it, but the tarragon dressing was so strong it was overwhelming. The second time I had a cobb salad, which was so heavily salted I could feel the crunch of salt crystals as I chewed the lettuce.

            That said, it is a pleasant place to eat (though I agree with the poster that noted the "wannabee city hip" nature of it), and better than the other chains in the area. But it is still unmistakably chain food. Also, it is a bit pricy for what you get. Since there are plenty of better non-chain options around, I probably will not return.

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            1. re: Shawn

              Chain food? Ok, so is it obviously chain food if there's more than one location?

              1. re: GCGuy

                No, it's obviously chain food because the menu and the ambiance seem chain-y to me. More formulaic than independent restaurants tend to be.

                I'm basically stuck in the area for lunch every day, so I am always on the lookout for something new, different and tasty. While I didn't hate the place, it isn't the sort of restaurant that would be on my regular rotation. Not necessarily because it's a chain, but because on two visits I had two pricey salads and while they were OK, I didn't love them.

                1. re: Shawn

                  not by choice, but i'm going here for a dinner soon. can anyone give me an update on the place? anything in particular i should keep my eye out for when it comes to choosing my dinner? and in terms of expensive - how so? thanks!

                  1. re: Linda

                    found their menu.


                    the prices, as stated above, are pretty pricey per se, for a place like this (a supposed chain) in the area. for dinner - main entrees range from $24 (salmon and lamb) to 34 (new york strip steak).

                    i think i want to have an entree salad ($12 - 17), but am nervous based on the description above about the cobb and chicken salad. salt crystals?! eek.

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              1. The original comment has been removed