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Apr 15, 2007 05:00 AM

Places to eat near Bowery & 3rd Street

I'm visiting New York from the UK next week, and we're staying at the Bowery Hotel on Bowery / 3rd. Have always stayed mid-town or upper west side before, so looking for some recommendations for places to eat and drink around that area.

Cheap or upmarket / variety of cuisines.....all recommendations gratefully received!

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  1. What cuisines do you NOT want us to include? How far (within the area) are you willing to travel?

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    1. re: LFeinberg

      I can't think of any cuisine that we don't like.

      Quite happy to walk for half an hour or so but if you've got any great recommendations further afield that are worth a special trip then those would be great too.

      1. re: pootle

        Fun! The Bowery Hotel is great.
        Check out: Barrio Chino (for great Mexican food and a wide variety of tequilas in the Lower Eastside), Kanoyama (great sushi and Japanese food in the East Village), Katz's Deli (NY institution in the Lower Eastside)

    2. across the street from bowery hotel, is a small quaint italian place called AROMA..go there its great

      1. St. Marks/East village isn't too far from The Bowery. On St, Marks Place(8th between 3rd2nd)Theres Yakitori Taisho, Oh Taisho and Kenka for late night japanese bbq and beer.

        Whole foods is open on Housten and Bowery if you want to pick up a few grocery items.

        Search East Village/West Village/union Square/chinatown and you will see everything within walkng distance. Your pretty much in the center of it all.

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        1. Bianca (cute, casual Italian) - Bleecker and Bowery
          Minca (ramen) - e. 5th between Ave. A and B

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          1. re: Katherine H

            i have to agree with prune and bianca. prune is a really special little spot with hearty delicious and kinda adventruous fare.
            bianca is a little italian gem. the prices are amazing and the food amazing!

            1. re: ceeceee

              Went to Prune for brunch on our last visit as part of our 'find the best bloody mary in New York city' quest. Theirs was great, but I think the top spot goes to the Gramercy Tavern...
              Tempted to go back for dinner as the menu looked interesting

              1. re: pootle

                Try Devin Tavern in Tribeca. Fresh tomato juice and freshly grated horseradish.

          2. One of my favourite restaurants in nyc is right next to your hotel on bond st. and bowery: Il Buco ( ) which has wonderful italian food in a beautiful rustic setting. I have only had great experiences there. Fork and Knife ( ) is meant to be great though I have never actually eaten there- it's on 4th st. between 1st and 2nd ave.

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            1. re: gonzo99

              of all ny dining with high expectations i was most dissapointed with il buco. not sure what all the fuss is about. the food was just ok. the room, stunning. fork and knife is good, but uneven... the tasting menu is hit or miss