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Apr 15, 2007 02:47 AM

returning to DC -- need food info, updates, good blog recommendations, etc

I was born and raised in DC, but I really only became a foodie in NYC, where I lived for four years during college. I'm coming back to DC, and I need to be reintroduced to the scene. What's new and delicious? Are there any good DC blogs to read so I can catch up on the latest?

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  1. That's a lot of information. You are already at the best source (Chowhounds). You might take a look at the Washingtonian annual reivew, available online at


    As a new grad, you might want to take a look at their Cheap Eats section if you are on a budget.

    1. Also, can you provide a bit more for us to focus on? For instance, sounds like you're moving back here full time - do you have a job and housing yet? Providing those will help narrow early focus. Also, where are you at with different types of food at this point? Heavy on Thai or not, for instance.

      Welcome back, btw.

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        Thanks! Funny you mention Thai -- I had my first pad thai failure in my kitchen tonight.

        I'm a thai fan, also love mexican, indian, greek, sushi, and i'm a big fan of cheap spots. I remember the expensive mainstays from my childhood and I've read Tom Sietsma consistently since I last lived in DC, but I'd love to know where the best cheap ethnic eats are. I haven't settled on where I'll be living, but probably walking distance from Dupont, Adams Morgan, etc.

      2. Welcome back! To help you get caught up quickly, check in regularly with http://www.dcist.com/archives/food_an.... Great source of gossip on a daily basis. Their food and drink section is great as are their other guides for what's going on around the city. Really concentrates on DC proper.
        The City Paper has the most extensive online list of area restaurants - more than 2000 - that can be sorted by cuisine and area of the city, including the 'burbs. http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com/fo... The ratings are done by readers so take them for what they're worth. Many, many places that are never mentioned on this board - a lot for good reason - but then you may discover some real gems. I use this periodically for my own neighborhood and say, "Gee, I forgot all about that place!"
        The Washingtonian and Washington Post often mention the same places again and again and review restaurants in the far suburbs. Look for the in-town DC community papers like the City Paper, Rag, Current Newspapers, Georgetowner, Blade, university papers, Informer, Afro-African, etc. for mentions of small restaurants. Many ethnic places advertise there because they have cheaper ad rates.
        Atlas District on H Street and restaurants on Barracks Row didn't exist when you lived here last. Lots of fun and some good cheap eats.

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          1. two good foodblogs to check out...
            dcfoodies.com (has links to some others as well...)