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Apr 15, 2007 01:16 AM

Party Food

Mother's Birthday Party, her 80th, and the place will be packed with people. We aren't doing a meal, just a lot of small appetizers. Whats your favorite party food? thanks.

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  1. First of all, you do not want any finger food that is drippy. That will make easier cleaning up afterward.

    Little wieners wrapped in dough, bite-sized egg rolls, mini-bagels spread with cream cheese, cubes of a variety of cheeses, thin slices of pepperoni, slices of celery filled with cream cheese or peanut butter, et cetera. Libations, alcoholic or not, are up to you.

    1. You can do pre-made crescent dough with different fillings. Made some with cheese and chives that were a big hit and they were very easy. If you do a search on (not my favorite cooking site by far, but good for stuff like this) you will find many variations. It might be fun to make a few different kinds and do a taste test....(they can be made like 1 day ahead). They will be time-consuming to make but not impossible.

      Oh you can also buy empanada dough at a latin market. My assistant buys the argentian kind (she says it's better than the other kind), makes a filling with ground beef and spices (sorry I don't have it yet....they are my next project to try), seals them with a fork, and then bakes them. They are DIVINE....I'm sure you can find a recipe for empanada filling somewhere.

      1. mozzarella ball, basil leave and cherry tomoto on small skewer is always nice.

        I love shrimp marinaded with a small piece of prosciutto wrapped around it.

        1. Mini quiches can be made the day before and served room temp. I use the cream cheese dough, roll a little ball, out it in the mini tin, and squish it into a cup using a little wooden tamper I bought years ago because I was making so many of them. It can also be used to tamp tassie cups.

          A cheese and fruit and cracker station. You only need three different types of cheese. Maybe fruit kebobs with things that won't brown (strawberries, grapes, kiwi chunks, cantaloupe).

          I like the above poster's shrimp idea. Anything is good wrapped in proscuitto! Even a breadstick or roasted asparagus spear.

          Puff pastry sticks with Parmesan or black pepper (maybe make them short lengths for one or two bites so you don't have crumbs everywhere) or cheese gougere for a really one bite.

          Ham salad served in cucumber cups
          A big bowl of various olives, just remember to have a dish for pits. You might be able to find Todd English's recipe for his signature marinated olives online.

          If you're going to have some trays passed with warm food, stuffed mushrooms always go over.

          1. A Norwegian tradition, platters of little open faced sandwiches. Always a big hit with all generations in my crowd. You can either buy the little loaves of rye and pumpernickel or cut your favorite bread to size. We usually do a variety of toppings. some examples:
            Sliced of hard boiled egg, topped with caviar
            Tuna Salad
            Ham Salad
            Roast Beef
            These are just a few ideas. But, smear a dab of mayo, mustard, cream cheese, etc on the bread first, then either put a small slice of sweet gherkin,slice of onion , sliced olives, you get the idea, but, open faced.