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Apr 15, 2007 12:30 AM

Scamorza, where can I find it?

Where can I find FRESH scamorza in the GTA area? Not really looking for the smoked kind. Been to several cheese shops around the kensington area and they all told me the dairy farm that used to provide them fresh scamorza has gone out of business. They could only substitute with fresh mozarella or provolone. Checked the history for past threads and only found a couple from 2005. Help people~ HELP!!!!!

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  1. The salumeria (I think it's called Centro del Formaggio) next door to the Riviera Bakery on College used to carry it. A skein of them would hang over the packaged prepared meats cooler (ahead and to your right when you entered the shop).

    How fresh are you looking for? The ones in this shop generally had a thin dry outer layer which peeled off easily enough when the cheese was cut (no pun intended). The inside of the cheese peeled nicely and had the consistency and mouth feel of quite fresh cheddar curd. Cheesy salty goodness (especially eaten with some bread from Riviera, still warm from the oven)..

    All that said, I don't know if they still carry the stuff, as I haven't shopped there for quite a while and ownership had changed hands.

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      thanx a lot! I'll email them and see if they carry it~

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        Try the cheese factories in the Vaughn area. That would make sense. Un-smoked scamorza is usually sold within a few days of production.