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Apr 14, 2007 11:58 PM

My dinner at Lotus of Siam*LONG*

I've been living here in Las Vegas going on 12 years now..Only tonite did I finally get around to eating at Lotus of Siam.

If any chowhounders here have been there, you know it's in a pretty skeevy mall. Between the pool hall, the Green Door on the other end of the mall, and all the different resturants, it can be a pretty eclectic crowd on any given night.

We went for my birthday dinner, my co-workers met me there for around 7:30pm this evening. When they suggest to make dinner reservations, THEY ARE NOT KIDDING. The place was packed to the gills, and we had a 40 minute wait for a table. Of course, the NAB convention is also in Vegas right now, so that could account for some of the additional business.

As an interesting side-note: We happened to be the youngest people eating there. Majority of the guests were middle-aged and older people. We found that a bit perplexing, to say the least.

We ordered the beef fried "jerky" and it was fantastic. The biggest hit of the meal, actually. Garlicky and flavorful- it was a bit crisp on the outer edges, and tender-chewy inside. The sauce for it was really tasty as well.

I ordered the beef with tamarind sauce for my main entree, and WOW. Really very good. I ordered it a level 4 for spiciness, and it was actually pretty bland. I could have handled a 5 or 6 with no problems. I'm a fan of the way tamarinds taste to begin with, so I was really excited to find out how it would taste. A bit sour, savory and spicy- it was a 7.5 out of 10 for me. A bit spicier would have gotten a higher score.

My friend ordered the Pad Thai. It's her own personal gague of how good a Thai place is, and we all found it very good. Our other friend ordered the yellow curry, with chicken. She's afraid of really hot spices (and she's Mexican, even!!*LOL*) so she ordered the most mild curry they have. Wow, I never knew a curry could almost be as sweet as a dessert??!! Not personally something *I* would ever order, as I like a good amount of spice. It was uniquely different. My only real complaint was that the potatoes in the curry seemed only half-cooked. A bit hard for our tastes.

Got the mango with sweet sticky rice, fried bananna and coconut ice cream for dessert. Mango was perfectly ripe, and delicious. For the love of ALL that's holy...The sweet sticky rice was so wonderful!! I would have been happy with a big bowl of that, and a cold glass of milk to wash it down. Delicious! I don't eat banannas, but the others said it was very good. The ice cream...This was WEIRD, that's all I can say. It was a special of the day, coconut with jackfruit ice cream. Sounds innocent enough, right?

It had corn kernels in it. I swear on a stack of bibles, at first even we didn't believe it. We then picked thru the ice cream, and found around 8 kernels in the scoop, which tells me that it's -meant- to be in the recipe. None of us really were thrilled with the taste of jackfruit, and then the corn really turned us off. Sorry, not into veggie ice cream. So, I happily ate the rest of the wonderful sticky rice, and called it a night.

Oh!! I also got the lime drink, which is homemade limeade! Very very refreshing and good! Not too sweet. I'm going to have to make it this summer, now that I think about it.

Didn't get any wine this time, as I was driving, but most definately will the next time.

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  1. Oh I'm so glad to read a very recent review of this place. I was planning on going there for lunch tomorrow, yep, Im sure the extra crowds are due to NAB. I have a ton of co-workers that arrived in Vegas on Friday. Do you think it's worth ordering the pad thai, I'm starting to get the feeling that the noodles arent their strong point.

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      i find it comical that people gauge a thai place by the pad thai...not that i'm an expert of thai food, but i have visited thailand about 8 times and i rarely ate pad thai when i was fact, most of the "local" restaurants i frequented didn't even serve it...personally, i focus on the seafood dishes, mainly because my visits focused on ocean side villages and towns that had an abundance of fresh seafood,,,my 2 visits to LOS were very positive because i loved their seafood dishes

      1. re: kjs

        Well, my friend doesn't like fish, but she's allways liked Pad Thai since she was a kid. I guess for her; that system works, dosen't make it wrong.

      2. re: bassbiz

        I'd skip the pad thai and order a noodle dish that's harder to find elsewhere. I recommend the khao soi, the first dish on the Northern menu. It features hand-pulled noodles, in a rich chili-paste sauce, with pieces of chicken and the wonderful, traditional garnish of pickled red onion and cabbage, and lime, all of which add a wonderful piquancy to the dish. It can be messy to eat, but even a stain on a shirt is more than worth it.