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Apr 14, 2007 11:03 PM

Dos Coyotes - Sacramento

I finally made it here for dinner tonight and was fairly disappointed in the food. I always get nervous when the website says food without lard or MSG, but I tried to keep an open mind. I had the Colorado Enchiladas plate after seeing the famous "Angus Colorado" on the menu. The chips and salsa were above average; the chips were nicely sized and crispy, and the salsas were mixed. I tried the "mild" pico de gallo which was very good and the "medium" green which was not spicy at all, more sweet with onions (OK, but weird).

The food came and my first bite of rice confirmed the meal. I always judge a Mexican place by its rice and beans. The rice was bland and the refried beans were also fairly bland (Lard Please!). The enchiladas were good, except that the meat seemed overcooked and dry. I think the kitchen grills the meat too much, then soaks it in the sauce as opposed to cooking it directly in the sauce. There was a good cheese ratio and the sauces were quite tasty.

I tried it, now I will likely never go back. There are too many better places in Sacramento to fill my Mexican urges. Note: I went to the Arden Fair location, others may be different.

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  1. hhhmmmmm...

    dry, overcooked meat in the enchiladas and they were still good? Bland rice and beans...sounds like a terrible meal. what else is there? Well, the pico de gallo sounds nice. Have to admit that sometimes the marker of a good mex restaurant is the chips and salsa. If I'm disappointed there, my expectations for the rest of the meal are lowered a notch so as to protect my heart...don't want to be too disappointed.

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    1. re: tiamarty

      I wanted to like the place, but the meal was just average. The meat in the enchiladas worked, but I guess I was expecting it to be juicier and more tender instead of flaky and dry. The rest of the enchilada was great.

    2. What would you expect from a chain?

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      1. re: PeterL

        I have had horrible meals from independents, and excellent meals from chains. To be fair, I always try to mask any preconceptions before trying a new place. I hope that over time I do not lose this, or else I will likely miss out on good things. Nevertheless, Dos Coyotes sucks.

      2. They're definitely pretty average. The verde salsa is sickly sweet, they put too much glop on the fish tacos, and they have an amazing ability to screw up orders. The only thing I'll give them is that they do have a fairly interesting menu for a chain place. But you'd be way better off with a hole in the wall taqueria (and spend less) then go to these guys.

        1. I've not eaten there in quite a while, but it used to be pretty decent. The nachos with steak and the border burrito were pretty good.

          From the comments I have to assume the food has gone downhill. Too bad.

          1. I've never understood the glowing reviews it gets on this board. People I used to work with at one of the UCs loved it, but those people are why I don't work there anymore, so the recommendation wasn't all that surprising coming from them. From Chowhound, though, it always blows me away. I just don't get it.

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            1. re: mudster

              I checked the board before I went, but I had not seen a recent review of the place. The older ones were positive, but I wanted to check for myself. I will stick to Johnny Rocket's, Pluto's, and CPK at Arden Fair from now on.