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Apr 14, 2007 10:00 PM

Kejang ... anywhere else but at So Kong Dong?

Who else in Los Angeles, or Korea town to be more precise, has kejang?

I've tried it at So Kong Dong, and really like it, but have not seen it anywhere else.

Any recs? Thanks.

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  1. There's a place called On Dal (3160 W. Olympic) that not only has decent gejang, but also has a mean spicy stew made at your table using blue crab. So tender and flavorful... yum.

    Here's a link to a past Chowhound post about this place. I had a positive experience there but, unfortunately, some other hounders didn't. :(

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      bcd also has a decent spicy kejang. shin jung on 6th and kenmore have a kejang but its not the spicy one but the one marinated in soyauce. korean markets also have gejang in the ready made sections where they have all the other banchan,

      1. re: choysauce

        not to hijack the thread, but man, oh man. that was my one and only serious review of a restuarant here on chowhound. (and i've been checking in regularly here for about 4 years.) i got slammed for forgetting to mention NOT SOLO DINER FRIENDLY. deservedly so, i suppose they do cook a mean crab stew.

      2. You can find it here:

        Yissi HwaRo
        3465 W. 6th Street #130
        Los Angeles, CA 90020

        1. Park's Barbecue (Vermont and Olympic) offers it once in a while as banchan. They have it on the menu as well.

          1. Sa Rit Gol has kejang on the menu, and it's really good. They used to offer it as banchan, but stopped doing so a while ago, I think. Now you can get it as a full order, and quite yummy. Spicy and meaty, the way I like it.