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Apr 14, 2007 09:55 PM

Sutter Creek and Environs

We're back in Sutter Creek next week for our annual getaway. We're looking for restaurants for dinner and breakfast and there are slim pickings always in Sutter Creek. This really is a shame since Amador County should be more of a tourist destination. We are celebrating a special birthday dinner at the new Taste in Plymouth which I can't wait to try. But alas the other two nights we are struggling to find some good choices. Has anybody tried the Imperial Hotel for dinner in Amador City? They got a good review in a Stockton paper recently. Has anybody been to Via Del'Orro (I may have mispelled this one) in Sutter Creek. We were there last year and it was probably the best in town but not fantastic.

Andre's Bakery will be good for takeout for breakfast but are there any other sit down breakfast spots the hounds could recommend.

Also I would appreciate your favorite winery suggestions in Amador County.

Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions. I rely so much on them.

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  1. Hi Oceanlover,
    We spent 3 days in Sutter Creek about a month or so ago. We stayed at the Handford House which we loved.
    Th Caffe Via d'Oro is still as you remember. They are trying hard, but it's just not there yet. Taste is the place all the locals suggest. We didn't have a chance to try it. We have had dinner at the Imperial Hotel, but it was so long ago I wouldn't want to tout it. The sandwich place accross the street from Taste is great. We got takeout for picnics both afternoons we were there.
    Wineries we liked were Kenwood, Storey, Bella Piazza and Cooper. Bella Piazza has great picnic facillities as does Storey. Don't know how big your group is, but Storey is really small, Bella Piazza could handle a large group.
    Hope this helps.

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      Where did you end up eating dinner? We have also eaten at the BBQ/pizza place in Plymouth called Incahoots. But I really don't want to drive to Plymouth every night. I've been Bella Piazza and I think Storey. Is Cooper and Kenwood new?

      Please other Chowhounds lend me your ear on additional suggestions!

      1. re: Oceanlover

        We ate at Caffe Via d'Oro the first night. The other two nights we eat the extensive hors d'oeuvres served at the Hanford House. We had a huge late lunch both days, so this worked for us. Nice with wine in front of the fireplace.

        You might check on Suzanne's Place. I haven't been there, but locals said it was good.

        About the wineries, it sounds as if you know the area so I'm sure you know to check each place as the hours open differ drastically.

        I have no idea how new they are. Maybe the sites will help you.

    2. I've been to both Susan's Place and Via d'Oro, as well as a couple other places in Sutter Creek. Susan's Place is bar far the better. Also, if you want to go a little further south into Jackson, I would definately recommend "Buscaglia's" and "Theresa's" (right across the street from each other).