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Apr 14, 2007 08:18 PM

Real Thailand-good!

I had the pad thai at real thailand tonight in the Annex and it was good! Had walked by many times but curiosity got the better of me tonight and it was worth dropping in. Real, taramindy flavor, not to mention tender bits of chicken and plump, juicy shrimp. I think this place is actually run by thais too. I'll be back.

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  1. I've never been for dinner, but I've gone for their insanely cheap lunch specials a few times (last I was there, $7, I think, for a huge amount of food) and I've found it to be one of the better Thai restaurants in Toronto.

    I strongly believe that their menu, though, is a direct rip-off of Wandee Young's Young Thailand: looking at them side by side, it is quite obvious. Further evidence to support this is indicated by the way that they prepare their Gai Pad Med Mamuang Himaphan (chicken with cashew nut): the way that Wandee does it is, to my knowledge, very untraditional and unique (i.e. her use of roasted red chili paste - as opposed to dried red chillies - and orange), and they do it exactly the same.

    Regardless of whether or not they've plagiarized their menu, they are still quite good.

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      The eight or nine Thai restaurants I've been to in Toronto over the years all seem to be pretty much the same to me: acceptable, but not much more than that. And they all seem to have pretty much the same menu items, and pretty much the same prices as well. In short, they all seem to copy each other. At first, I thought, well, that's what Thai food is supposed to be. But a few years ago, I tried a Thai joint in Las Vegas that came highly recommended on the Southwest Chowhound board, and it was a revelation. It was in a down-at-the-heels strip mall northeast of the Las Vegas Strip (where $500-a-couple hotel dinners are ubiquitous), and it was clean, with excellent service, modest prices and - most important - a remarkable array of dishes you can't find on Toronto Thai restaurant menus, as well as a huge selection of Rieslings (which, if you must have wine with Thai food, is the wine to have). I've been back many times since, working my way through the menu, and it has always been innovative, delicious and wonderful. The Toronto Thai joints don't compare. If you get to Las Vegas occasionally, and enjoy Thai food, you should make it your business to get to Lotus of Siam, which probably gets more mentions on the Southwest board than any other restaurant (including those $500-a-couple joints.) Most everyone who mentions it loves it. It's the best deal for the money in Las Vegas, though only if you enjoy Thai food.

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        Hi again ... just researching this place (their website is great) and they used to work at Young Thailand, that's why the menu is similar/same. I was looking for a nice place to take my in-laws/their family for Mother's Day (wasn't too impressed with Golden Thai or Young Thailand) and we're going to give The Real Thailand a try.

      2. Agreed. I like Real Thailand as well. Their basil lamb is very good, but a personal favorite of mine is the whole fried snapper.

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          Hi Chiujason ... could you tell me what other dishes you've had? I'm going this weekend for the first time.

        2. Went to real thailand for a fathers day dinner. It was fairly early so there were only a few tables filled (5:30/6ish) but service was extremely quick and the waitress was always close by and ready to refill drinks and take plates away.
          We started with the chicken satays with a really delicious peanut sauce and some of the most delicious spring rolls I've ever had (perfectly crispy on the outside).
          For mains we sampled:
          Stir fried lamb curry (really delicious with yellow curry and thin noodles and mushrooms, perfect balance of curry to noodles)
          Panang Kai ( chicken curry with peanut sauce, also really good, but nothing really stand out)
          Ginger Beef dish (this was one of my favourites, it was done in a wine sauce so it was a nice light break from the curries)
          Marinated grilled chicken dish (this was okay, nothing stand out, it was nicely grilled though, but a little 'plain')
          Spicy eggplant (pretty good, but I could only eat so much eggplant haha)
          All this plus 2 pineapple juices and 2 beers was 94$ incl. tax. Pretty good, one of my better thai experiences recently, I would definetly recommend!