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Apr 14, 2007 07:29 PM

Need Brunch Recommendation for Sunday

I'm looking for a good brunch place around the 3rd Street and Fairfax area that takes reservations on Sundays for brunch. Someplace similar to Doughboys or Toast where I can get a nice bowl of oatmeal but don't have to wait an hour to be seated. Do any of you know of a place like that?


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  1. Lulu's on Beverly
    Tart (great steel cut oats)
    Quality Food
    Not everyone likes it, but breakfast at Eat Well is good
    Posh on Pico
    Basix Cafe (edit: might be busier on Sunday now that I think of it...)

    Also farther west on Robertson, I love Ed's Coffee Shop just south of Melrose--staff treat you like family, and food is great (or has been in my numerous experiences.

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    1. re: Emme

      Posh on Pico closed.

      The space is now occupied by Bloom, which is a pretty good option for brunch.

      Might also consider BluJam Cafe.

    2. Thanks for all the suggestions. I think we will give Tart a try since they take reservations and the steel cut oats sound good!