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Apr 14, 2007 06:43 PM

Any decent place to eat close to Oakland airport

I'll be flying back east out of Oakland on a early flight so I'll be spending the night by the airport..anything close by within a short taxi drive would be great..I'm not to concerned about the $$$
thanks so much..

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  1. Where are you staying? The Hilton has three restaurants.

    1. Here's a few: Francesco's, on Hegenberger, very close to the airport.
      Old-fashioned Joe's-style Italian, nothing fancy, the seafood pastas are OK, huge
      portions, good drinks, good service. Again, nothing fancy,
      Horatio's in the San Leandro Marina, about 4-5 miles from the airport.
      Some interesting surf and turf stuff.
      Pappo in Alameda at Central and Park about 15-20 minute ride from the airport, excellent Cal-Mediterranean menu, the duck dishes are a good bet,good wine list, "cozy" atmosphere.
      Speisekammer in Alameda at Lincoln and Park, 15-20 minute ride
      from the airport, good German menu, especially the pork dishes and potato pancakes, excellent German wine and beer selections.
      Asena Restaurant at Santa Clara and Everett in Alameda, 15-20 minutes from the airport, Mediterranean menu, excellent paella and wine list, very cozy atmosphere.
      La Pinata at Santa Clara and Park in Alameda, 15-20 minutes from the airport,big Tex-Mex menu, excellent margaritas/tequila selection.

      Jeez- I could go on and on, but you'd miss your flight......

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      1. re: alameda fats

        Thanks so much alameda fats..I'll give Francesco's a try..
        I worked at Marin Joe's for 10 years as a cook so it might be fun to try..

      2. Speisekammer and the other restaurants on Park are less than 5 miles way, 10 minute drive at most. Speisekammer has very good food, excellent German wine list.

        I wouldn't call anything at Horatio's interesting. It's basically a branch of Restaurants Unlimited's Kincaid's chain, simple meat and fish dishes can be decent.

        Some other topics on OAK:

        Please report back. Francesco's comes up regularly but we've had very few first-hand reports on recent meals.

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        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          I'll give a report on Francesco's Robert..
          I'm hoping it'll be good..I'm traveling to the vast wastelands of central TN and will need a last good meal to hold me over for a week..nothing there but fastfood and chains..