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Apr 14, 2007 06:37 PM

~*Un Bacio- Scottsdale*~

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend!

Has anyone been to Un Bacio at Gainey Ranch? I was there about three years ago, and they have since changed owners. I would love any insight! Thanks!


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  1. I haven't been in about three years either. Papamia used the like their osso bucco, and they had someone playing the piano on the weekends.

    Wonder how they're doing...

    1. The new owner from what I understand is Brian...the Brian from Pasta Brioni. He sold out of Brioni some time ago to Geno and his family.

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      1. re: Molto E

        Molto E,
        I have heard that Un Bacio even offers many of the tried and true entrees of the old Pasta Brioni....just under new names.
        I guess Brian had to sell the name w/ the Restaurant....
        I used to love the Luco Brazzi....wonder what they call it now?

        I can't wait to visit Un Bacio.
        My last visit to Pasta Brioni was very disappointing.

        1. re: ciaogal

          Maybe the Luca will go back to milanese...no? A few people left Pasta B. to go work at Un Bacio as well.

      2. Well, we went last night! Arrived quite early, 6:30, but the place was packed. We decided to sit in the lounge (only smoking section available), and it was dark and cozy. We're pretty boring and both ordered Rebel's seafood Salad. Absolutely delicious! Not quite up to par as the beloved Cafe Blue rendition, but a good substitute. Truly rich and hearty Marsala sauce, we have a bad habit of ordering a side to dip our hot bread in!

        We will be back!