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Apr 14, 2007 06:22 PM

Zurich Recos?

Within the city limits of Zurich, I'm looking for some good recommendations on where to eat.

Best cafe?
Best regional cuisine?
Best off-the-beaten track dinner?
Best local delicacy?

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  1. sgwood415,

    What do you mean by best? Best for who? Young? Old? Low-budget? Plenty of cash?
    What are you looking for?

    1. If you like chocolate, try Cafe Sprungli off the Bahnhofstrasse.

      Regional cuisine?
      for sausages --> Zeughauskeller
      for fondue --> Le Dezaley

      1. A good tip for anyone going to Switzerland is that the department stores have super cafeterias, much nicer than anything similar in the States. They set up chef stations and one (I think Jelmoli) has an outdoor dining terrace. Prices are reasonable and you can see what you are getting, in case language is a problem. Definitely where the local folk eat lunch. Also: if in the departure part of the Zurich airport there is still a bakery with the name of Steiner, do not hesitate to buy a slice of quiche and have them heat it for you in their microwave. It was the best quiche I have ever eaten in my life. You can sneak your quiche into one of the coffee shops and make a nice breakfast before getting on the plane.

        1. i have been to zurich 3 times now and one place i have gone back to every time is called terrasse its on limmatquai 3 along the river near the main tram station where the river turns into the lake, and the atmosphere is lovely...

          1. Just spent a long weekend and I really enjoyed:

            1. Sternen Grill, right by the Bellevue tram area. You pretty much go here for a grilled bratwurst, with a crusty roll and hot mustard. (There is a restaurant by the same or similar name next door but I did not try it). The beer is not the greatest but it may be the best bratwurst of your life. Seriously. Go.

            2. Zeughauskeller. Neat room. Extensive menu. I tried the local specialty of veal and mushrooms swimming in cream. I guess it was worth trying but once was enough.

            3. Adler's Swiss Chuchi. I had a great fondue with morels, at an outside table overlooking the street performs in a square. Great waiter who took care of me even though the kitchen had just closed. Note that the restaurant scene does not stay open late, which is a problem when you first get there and haven't adjusted to the local time yet. On the Niederdorf.

            4. Vaudoise. Great fondue in a back garden near the Gross Munster.

            5. There was a large and fancy bakery on Rennweg, near Bahnhofstrasse, whose name I can't remember (something like Harold though that's not it) that sells these incredible little cheese tarts. Go at lunchtime and get them warm out of the oven.