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Apr 14, 2007 06:21 PM

College Student Needs Delicious but Affordable Dining Suggestions

I'll be visitng NYC for a performance in Carnagie Hall this June. I haven't been to New York in about 8 years and I certainly wasn't visiting for the culinary scene so I'm wondering if anyone has some suggestions that won't cost me a fortune. I'm looking for places around the New York Hilton on Avenue of the Americas at 53rd and 54th streets. I'm not opposed to getting out of Midtown Manhattan for little places to grab goodies like chocolates, cheese, baked goods, etc. to bring home if anyone has "must go" places to suggest too!

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Go to Greenwich and eat absolutely delicious falafal, lamb, and other wonderful delicacies at Mamouns...Check out the many previous posts on the best "cart" foods available in the city...In the East Village, you can grab a great slice of pizza at Ben's...There are many great bakeries in NY, as well as Murray's for Cheese...I could feel like Royalty with some great cheese, a loaf of wonderful bread, and a bottle of wine...I personally feel that New York is the only place that I know, where you can spend a lot of money and eat well, and also eat well on not much money...You just have to know where to go, and use your imagination....

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      Mamoun's is yummy...and the carts can be wonderful (the most lauded one is right by your hotel)...

      And if you like smoked salmon, i'd definitely recommend a subway ride down to Russ&Daughters for a bagel and gaspe salmon (my favorite of their many kinds) to go...

      Cafe Mogador is also nice choice for cheap breakfast and/or moderate Moroccan dinner in the East Village...

      and if you want to try some very affordable Japanese izakaya (pub) food, there is a fun place very close to your hotel called Sake Bar Hagi, in a basement below the Iroha restaurant on 49th St...

      sidenote: jinet12, while i agree that NYC has great food options both high and low, it hardly corners the market on this citywise: in Paris, there's awesome cheap falafel, crepes, and baguettes next to ultra-end places like Lucas Carton, Bangkok, you can get shockingly delicious street curries for 50 cents or dine on a penthouse Osaka, 300/person sushi or great pork katsu for a few LA, dinners at Ivy or heavenly dirt-cheap carne asada...but what we can boast in NYC is the extreme variety of options, all within walking distance or a quick&easy subway...cheers...

    2. There should be a bunch of threads on the board if you do a search for "cheap eats" in Manhattan (and it is definitely worth venturing into the outer boroughs, especially for ethnic goodies).

      I'm abroad right now, but here are the first things that came to mind:
      - I think the infamous chicken/rice street cart is right by you, on 53rd and 6th
      - my favorite bagels are at Ess-A-Bagel on 51st and 3rd
      - lots of cheap eats in Chinatown
      - definitely hit Murray's for cheese
      - Rocco's for great baked goods, especially the cannoli...or Veniero's

      Welcome back to NY!

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        Murray's does have fabulous cheeses, but if you are worried about cost, go to the East Village Cheese shop (3rd Ave) instead. They have a smaller selection but really low prices.

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          To expand on cheap eats in Chinatown, I always stay at the Hilton on Avenue of the Americas or the Sheraton New York on 7th, and find that I seldom eat in the immediate area because the lure of dirt cheap food in Chinatown is too great. Search the board for cheap dumplings and noodles at places like Prosperity Dumpling, Eastern Noodle, Tasty Dumpling, Dumpling House and Super Taste (searching for these names should open up a panoply of discussions). Likewise, bakeries like Golden Dragon Boat and Dragon Land have tasty and inexpensive sandwiches and dim sum type items. I mean if you can stuff yourself silly in Manhattan with great tasting stuff for $3 or $4, why not?

        2. Checkout this thread -- Favorite things under $10

          1. Chelsea Market has all under one roof

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              I agree! Fat Witch in the Chelsea Market makes some fabulous brownies. Really worth checking out.

              And I've heard "Crumbs" is the new place for the best cupcakes. These things are huge and decadent.

            2. Thanks so much for all the suggestions! I've been looking forward to visiting Chelsea Market for quite some time now and I'm VERY excited to finally get a chance to visit there. Crumbs looks fantastic so I'll definitely be visiting there for some goodies to bring back home with me. I am so excited to check out all the places suggested! Thanks again!