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Apr 14, 2007 06:04 PM

Best fries from casual sit down chain

This is a big pet peeve of mine! Seems like every chain has the same kind of fries with the same seasoning and they prepare them the same way---- drenched in salt and pepper, cold, soggy, and soft. I like my fries lightly seasoned pimping hot and crisp. This really turns me off. This constantly happens at places like Applebees, Bennigans, etc. they seem to all use the same kind of fries. So, which chain separates themselves and makes the best fries? (Don't say McDonald's, im talking sit downs).

For me its simple.... Champps Americana with their Waffle fries, Red Robin has awesome steak fries, and Famous Daves fries are like potato wedges unbelieavableeeee.

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  1. Chili's fries are quiet good...sometimes too much salt, but cooked well and tasty

    1. I am very fickle about my french fries, so I don't often order them. I happen to think Claim Jumper's shoestrings are fabulous, ask for some salsa ranch to dip!!*~

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        MMM... salt n pepper fries at Claim Jumpers ;)
        I also like garlic fries at Yardhouse. It's not on the menu, but u can order it.

      2. I'll agree on Red Robin. Get some of the fries with the seasoning salt and tartar sauce and they're very good. Some people don't much care for steak fries, but I actually prefer them to the regular type found at most places.

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          Just don't get the new garlic parmesan fries at Red Robin. They've redone the menu again, adding a few new things, and rearranging and bringing back some others, and certain menu items are grouped in a box that says they come with garlic parmesan fries. So I tried them. Not too good, the garlic just seemed off to me somehow, hard to describe, but it didn't really work with the fries. Stick with the plain ones and shake some Red Robin seasoning on them perhaps (or just some good ol' Heinz).

        2. i like island's fries. the seasoning is delicious, and i love their honey mustard.

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            Fries at Island's are great.

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              Island's fries are really awesome! The serving size is huge.

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                Yeah, fries should always come in baskets.

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                  yeah islands doesn't get a lot of love on this site, but i do love the fries in the baskets!!! and i actually like islands =)

            2. re: abbefaith

              Gotta agree on this - Islands fries are really good. Seasoning, and they use a different oil than usual (canola?). Also, skin on = yummy. And, you can get them with ranch dressing (a great combo) or the usual ketchup if you prefer.

              1. re: Marvin

                Let's form an Islands fries club... and of course they have pretty decent draft beers to go with their fries... The last I heard they used peanut oil for their fries, but that was years ago - they may have changed to canola as they probably don't want to get sued by those allergic to peanuts...

                Another thing I like about Islands is their booths. They're so conducive to a nice comfortable experience for up to four folks... they're ergonomic, perfect for conversation without neighboring eaters hovering over you, and just the right size to reach over to grab someone else's fries when they're not looking! >;-}

            3. Sonny's real pit BBQ has the best fries. Not the best BBQ but I love their fries.