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favorite on-line bbq sauces?

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i am tired of the bottled bbq sauces i can get in the supermarket!
but...there seem to be thousands of choices i could order off the internet

i need your recommendations

any style: hot, sweet, regional, smoky, exotic, international, etc.

a short description would be helpful too

c'mon chowhounds, i'm counting on you

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  1. I highly recommend PC Smokin' Stampede Beer & Chipotle Barbecue Sauce

    It's from a supermarket but it is the best sauce I have had in a long long time. President Choice is a huge brand in Canada and it is available in some US markets. You can buy it online too!

    1. My favorites: Carolina Treet (regular or SC). Very good cooking (not finishing) sauce.
      Jack Miller's: Thoroughly different. Pretty thick and it has a really unique taste.
      Salt Lick: Thin and sweet.
      Rudy's: Gets a bad rap around here, but I like the sauce and the brisket.
      Not sure if it is regional or not: Sweet Baby Ray's Original. Sweet, but really good.
      Any of these: http://www.boiledpeanuts.com/index2.html. Shealy's in particular.
      Big Bob Gibson: As great over chicken as everyone says.
      My next sauce: Sauce King of Chicago.

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      1. The Signature, and the Hot BBQ Sauces from Barbequin' Fools are great, as well as the Montreal seasoning. http://www.bbqnfools.com/Products/BBQ....
        I haven't tried the Teriyaki yet, but I love the others.

        1. I really like Cookshacks spicy barbecue sauce. They make rubs, sauces and high quality smokers. Website is cookshack.com they are in Ponca City oklahoma

          1. Head Country. Every supermarket in Tulsa sells it, and it's better than most BBQ places' prized proprietary blends. Outside of Oklahoma, it's available online. http://www.headcountry.com/Catalog.as...

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            1. re: Brian S

              thx for the post
              i just ordered a mixed case (6 reg 6 hickory)
              i figured an okie knows his bbq
              will post my first tastings
              bill (from new jersey)

            2. Dreamland's sauce! http://www.dreamlandbbq.com/default.a...

              While you're there, you should probably have them fedex you a slab of ribs as well!