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Apr 14, 2007 05:30 PM

BBQ Competition at the Autry - Results?

We left before the results were announced. Does anyone have the list of winning teams?


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  1. I think this is the answer to my question...from the California BBQ Association site:

    GC Sug's Shack
    RGC Dueling Bubbas
    3rd QN4u
    4th BBQ by Dan
    5th Tropical Heat
    6th Gourment Grills
    7th OTW BBQ
    8th Mojave Hot Stuff
    9th The Rib Doctor
    10th Asleep at the Grill

    1st Pit Stop
    2nd Burnt By The Best
    3rd Addicted to Rub
    4th Sug's Shack
    5th All hogs Go to Heaven

    1st QN4U
    2nd Gourmet Grills
    3rd Dueling Bubbas
    4th Midwest Heritage
    5th Asleep at the Grill

    1st Sug's Shack
    2nd BBQ by Dan
    3rd Dueling Bubbas
    4th 155 South
    5th QN4U

    1st BLQ
    2nd Tropical heat
    3rd Sug's Shack
    4th Dueling Bubbas
    5th Asleep at the Grill

    1. Yup! This year had quite a change in winners. I guess it just shows the tempermental nature of BBQ! Our own team Four Q came in a respectable fourth in the Southwest theme competition with Tri Tip! YUM! :D


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      1. re: Dommy

        Congratulations Dommy, that's quite an accomplishment! I think Mr. Suebee and I are going to try to become official judges so that next year we can actually taste the que.

        1. re: Suebee

          I can take none of the credit here, I was just there for moral support and to taste the awesome cue. :)


      2. Suebee, how was the vendors' food? Since the competitors aren't allowed to feed the general public, I'd like to know if you thought the event, and what food is publicly accessible was worth it for you.

        Disclosure: I was on the team that Dommy was visiting.

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        1. re: Professor Salt

          Gosh, I just hate complaining when BBQ's involved but I have to say it was a pretty disappointing event. There was some sort of traffic/parking perfect storm between the Autry, the zoo, and the Griffith Observatory so a drive that usually takes 15 minutes from Silver Lake took over an hour. We had to park near Travel Town and it took us about a half hour to walk to the Autry, even at a clip.

          When we finally got to the registration table, they let us know that both vendors were totally out of food. We had come too far to turn around, so we paid our $9 each and went inside. We strolled around for a while, visited the Zeke's team and just took it all in. Truth be told, we really wanted to just plop down with one of the teams but we kept moving.

          The food for the public? Very, very sad. We were intoxicated by all of the BBQ scent in the air and yet the only food that was available, after a half hour wait was chicken pizza and corn. It was fine, but obviously not as satisfying as, say, a juicy pulled pork sandwich.

          In the next year, we're going to try to become official judges so that next year, we can actually try all of that amazing BBQ. Saw the picture you took on the way out.

          How was your experience as a competitor?

          1. re: Suebee

            Yi. That's what I was afraid of.

            My contestant's point of view of the contest isn't allowed here. Give me a few days to futz with photos and video, and it'll be on my blog.


            1. re: Suebee

              Suebee - I wanted to find out how this year's Autry BBQ went, and you are giving us that info. I went last year, but didn't go this year for exactly the reasons you gave above. I like the Autry museum, and I love the idea of a BBQ cook-off there. WHen I got there, I was a little surprised to find the cookoff and contest was really a rather "private" affair, not really open to the public. I, like you, and I'm quite sure virtually EVERYONE who attended the event, expected to have the opportunity to sample several different tasty Q's. I was surprised to find exacrly TWO smallish booths serving BBQ. I was there early, so I got in line and didn't have to wait too long for some beef ribs that were really quite tasty. But, by the time I left abut 3pm, the lines were snaking all over the park and were easily over an hour's wait - not worth it at all. What kills me is that how they could waste that great opportunity. Here you have a captive audience of thousands of hungry BBQ fans, and virtually no Q? All they have to do is invite a dozen of the top local BBQ cateers - everybody from Tony Roma's to Phillipe's, Bad to the Bone, Hogly-Woglys, etc to set up shop and service this hungry crowd. They'd jump at the chance, the folks would be happy and fed, the museum would get a cut of the profits, everybody's happy. Why not, I don't know, I'm truly baffled. I will write a sternly-worded letter to the appropriate parties. Thanks for making me glad I didn't go!

              1. re: Andrew Gore

                Glad I could do that for you, Andrew! From what I hear, the Autry is under serious fire from all sorts of entities over the mismanagement and sneaky tactics of the BBQ competition. Our solution? Rather than rely on the Autry folks to do it right, we're taking an official KCBS judging class over July 4th in Salem, Oregon so that next year we'll be able actually eat BBQ at the BBQ competition. Oink Oink!

                1. re: Andrew Gore

                  Totally agree. Prior to the event I was aware that the competitors' BBQ was off limits, but I thought there would be a variety of quality vendors to make up for it... Definitely not the case. Our group was thoroughly disappointed and I'm not sure any of us would go back unless there were significant organizational improvements.