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spaghetti carbonara: who actually makes it with pepper???

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Had dinner at Crispo last night and ordered the spaghetti carbonara for the first time. They claim to make it the "classic" way. So tell me, WHY IS THERE NO BLACK PEPPER IN IT? For that matter, how come I have yet to find a place in NY that puts sufficient black pepper in it? That's the point of carbonara...that's why it's called CARBONara.

Can anyone direct me to a place that makes this dish the right way?

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  1. Please keep the focus of replies on where Lindy74 can go in Manhattan for a carbonara with black pepper. Thanks!

    1. Try going to Lupa or Abboccatto or the E.U. for their spaghetti carbonara

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        I went to E.U. last night and carbonara was not on the menu, so scratch that rec. Barbuto makes carbonara with pepper... too much pepper in my opinion.

      2. The spaghetti carbonara served at Otto is the single best version of this dish I've ever had. It's spicy and wonderfully al dente. (Some people don'find it too chewy but it's perfect to me.)

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          Just heard that Prune makes a nice carbonara at brunch...has anyone tried?

        2. Otto has a good one. Better than most.

          And Lindy, that's not necessarily true; that carbonara = lots of pepper.

          It's in the style of the coal (carbon) mines/miners.


          1. I like the carbonara that's served at Prune for brunch.