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Apr 14, 2007 05:15 PM

Rachel's Nosheri

I will be visiting Philadelphia and this deli is near my hotel. Does anyone recommend their breakfasts or lunches?

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  1. I lived across the street for many years and NEVER had a good meal there. See if the Big Apple Deli is still on 21st. It used to be Jewish (Billy's), but turned Korean. They still had great deli sandwiches.

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      Go two blocks farther to Day by Day at 21st and Sansom. Delicious food made with fresh ingredients; definitely a cut above the ordinary; nice service; breakfast and lunch only.

      1. re: kagoo

        I checked Day by Day online and they serve only lunch except for Sunday when they have brunch. But the lunch choices sound good - I'm sure I'll stop by there for a soup and sandwich.

    2. go to the Reading Terminal Market.......(11th and Arch St).......short cab ride away...

      They have a new deli, Hershel's that opened up in Feb.........their homemade, kosher hand carved pastrami sandwiches are very good.....

      Also there are tons of other food stalls. You will love it there !!!!

      (warning: the whole place closes 6 pm)

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        Hershel's is Jewish-style but not certified Kosher. Thank you.