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Apr 14, 2007 04:48 PM

What To Eat at PDX's Siam Society Tonight?

I'm eating at Siam Society tonight. What must we try before leaving? Anything to avoid?


P.S. I saw extramsg's excellent posting from 2005 but it would be great to get more recent information.

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  1. Start with the catfish yellow curry, mussaman curry, several of their desserts, especially the cinnamon-sugar dusted egg rolls with banana and sticky rice.


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    1. re: extramsg

      Thanks, extramsg. I'm afraid I had already left for dinner and missed your post, but I'm in town frequently (I lived in PDX for a number of years) and will try your recommendations on my next visit.

      Overall, I found the food good, the service friendly and the atmosphere high-energy. We started w/the glass noodle salad. While this version did have a lime flavor, it was mellowed with broth and it worked perfectly. I had the scallop entree in a light yellow curry. The curry was flavorful and the accompanying vegetables (red and green peppers; onions) al dente, just the way I like them. My husband had the artic char and raved about how good it was (sorry, I didn't get the 411 from him on what made it so good). For dessert, I had the cardoman ice cream. It had a spicy flavor coupled w/citrus (or was it lemongrass?). A unique combination that was a nice way to end the meal.

      OK, a few quibbles. Our server, while friendly, was unknowledgeable. She had to ask the kitchen basic questions, such as how the char was prepared. The pace of the kitchen was slow. We waited ~25-minutes for our salad after ordering and again ~20 minutes for our entree after our salad plates had been cleared; however, our dessert was served promptly. My husband's char was served and he was half-way finished by the time my meal arrived (caveat: we were starving and he's a fast eater). This seemed odd, as we were only a party of 2 and my scallops didn't seem to have a long or complex cooking process. I noticed the same thing happen to the table of 4 next to us. Lastly, the tables on either side were sat after us and ordered significantly after us, yet they were both served before us. On the plus side, the busboy had radar on our table for the moment my water glass hit the half-full mark and was on it. Impressive.

      I realize the service issues make it sound as if we may not have enjoyed our meal, which isn't the case at all. The good food, friendly service and fun atmosphere are enough to keep me coming back. I'm hoping our service experience was an anomaly.


      1. re: natalie

        Thanks for the report. Two things to consider. 1) sounds like a new server, so hopefully they'll get better; 2) the head chef is pregnant and I believe is diminishing her role on the line, so that may have something to do with it until they're up to their former capabilities. (You can always order to go if you liked the food. ;-))