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Apr 14, 2007 04:47 PM

Wat Thai fest...

Just came back. Mucho people, Mucho food. Even fresh durian @ 3$ a lb.

Loved every drop. Had skewers, sticky rice, fried mussels, pad Thai and papaya salad. Took home mango and sweet rice. Gave the lady an extra 1$ and got 2 full mangos!

Go hounders. They'll be there tomorrow too.

Have to park 3 blocks away. But, worth it. 25$ in all.


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  1. I get those same dishes every time I go, any old weekend!:-) However, I went to the fest last year, and I agree, it's worth attending. They have dozens of non-food booths selling Thai crafts and all, and special shows and such. The only thing I found objectionable was the loud rock band playing live right next to the dining area. Everybody semed annoyed by the inappropriate music blasting as they tried to eat. However, overall, if you enjoy the Thai people and culture as I do, it was definetly worth going to. ............. Anybody here attend the BBQ Cook-off today at the Autry Museum?