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Apr 14, 2007 04:03 PM

J&J Reopens/Dragon Mark Review

Okay, J&J reopened. I went to the plaza today and saw that they repainted their store or something like that. However, since I've never been to Dragon Mark or Mei Long Village, I decided to try them out.

I went to Dragon Mark and ordered the following: beef noodle soup (yummy but a bit too salty), scallion pancakes (very mediocre), juicy pork dumplings/xiao long biao (pretty good), and cold cucumbers (too much sugar). Overall, it was okay, and I will probably go back to J&J or go try Mei Long Village.

On another note, I tried out the $15 foot massage place downstairs. Anyone else been? The guy told me it's $15 + 5 tip. I was wondering if he ripped me off. However, it was well worth the $20.

I also went to Lollicup afterwards and had the green tea with honey and aloe vera drink. Very refreshing. I love that plaza!

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  1. You mean you didnt go to beard papa and grab a cream puff to go? :P

    If you do go back to Mei Long Village, its obvious that the crab & pork xiao long biao are a must, fellow hound and I were there last week and those things are so tasty. Love the thin wrapping and that it's a perfect spoonful, the broth in it is verfy flavorful as well. The Shangai steamed dumplings are very good, too. All very reasonably priced.

    If you have room for more, try the radish pancake, I was amazed by how light and flakey these are.

    It really did feel like a guilt free meal, LOL.

    1. Yup! 15 bucks. I don't recall ever being told that I had to tip 5 bucks... but I always tip anyway (they work pretty hard).

      I like the green tea with aloe vera too.

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        So, there wasn't a mandatory $15 tip. Hmmm...I thought he ripped me off. I would have tipped him anyway, but I don't like being imposed a mandatory tip.

        How much did you tip when you went?

      2. Yeah, it's convenient that such a tiny plaza has so many different stores there, including some great places to eat. You could order a cell phone upstairs, eat some xiao long bao downstairs at J&J, go over 3 stores to Lollicup for some drinks and then get a foot massage...and any one of the THREE foot massage stores in the plaza...

        On a side note, if you want a good foot massage, you should go to the place across the street from JJ Cafe. It's quite nice to eat curry at JJ Cafe and then cross the street for a foot massage...

        1. I can honestly say, I have always wanted to have the foot massage, just have not had the chance. I probably will soon.

          So far my favs are.

          XLB - I like J and J better, consistency is a toss up (apples and oranges) but the flavor is better at J and J.

          Other Fav. at J and J is the chicken soup. A great basic soup with fantastic flavor (MSG warning).

          At Mei Long. Jade shrimp, Braized Shrimp, Crab and Okra, and the Green Tea Duck.

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          1. re: wilp

            Get the Eggplant at J&J - it will thrill your mouth!!