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Apr 14, 2007 03:49 PM

Fleur de Lis Atlanta

I am trying to call for a reservation and the phone is just ringing. are they still open? I'm hungry.

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  1. They are still open. I was there two weeks ago.

    Keep trying...

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      1. re: rcburli

        we drove by on Saturday night and it was closed; however, all of the tables will completely set with fresh tulips. i have no idea what is going on.

    1. I called Les Fleurs de Lis on April 17 and the voice mail says it is full... I was there three weeks ago. It is a family-run restaurant... maybe there was an emergency of some kind? When I spoke to the owner/chef, he had no plans on leaving his space and was commenting on the upcoming summer.

      I had an excellent meal there: a refreshing gazpacho (with cayenne for a good kick) and was comp'ed another (marinated anchovies rolies, sweet and good texture) ending with the special (swordfish with polenta - the fish was done to medium-rare perfection). See pics.I was amazed that all his cooking is done in the stove or on a hotplate!

      The final price (including two glasses of wine) was not what I would consider expensive, given what I would have paid in Los Angeles. It would be a shame if they closed. Is there a sign up or does a neighboring business know anything?

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      1. re: teebodo

        Walked by at lunch today, and they were open. Didn't have a chance to stop in and see if they had been closed for a while, but I've had trouble in the past with getting anyone to answer the phone.

        1. re: brrrdt

          Word has it, according to a resident of the Healey Building and a frequent diner of the establishment, is that the owner/chef broke his leg.