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Apr 14, 2007 02:58 PM

Reasonable priced Restaurant

Looking for a restaurant with good dinner entree's around $15 per person and a a good atmosphere to have a few cocktails! New to Chowhound and open to any choices with in the Back Bay, South End, Fenway, North End!

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  1. Franklin Cafe in the South End might fit the bill. Cool atmosphere, and open later than most.

    Silvertone (near downtown crossing) has very inexpensive comfort food and VERY reasonably priced wine and cocktail options.

    Ivy (also near downtown crossing) has yummy Italian small plates and a well-priced wine list. Sit upstairs for marble tables/red booths or downstairs to dine in their lounge (same menu).

    1. Not where you are looking, but the Navy Yard Bistro in Charlestown comes to mind.

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        Croma on Newbury Street is always a good spot. Great food, amazing atmosphere and very reasonably priced.