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Apr 14, 2007 02:44 PM

Markt lives! (on 6th Ave / 21st)

My husband and I had dinner with another couple at Markt's new location, and we all had a very good time. We were, and still are, very excited to have it back, and plan to return for brunch very soon. The space is at least half the size of the meatpacking place, however they managed to transplant a huge portion of the decor - the booths, tables, chairs, wood on the walls and probably even the bar. The place was busy with after work drinkers, however the tables never completely filled up between 8pm - 10pm. I would definitely recommend getting a reservation when going on a weekend, tho.

The menu is exactly the same, and wasn't even re-printed for the re-opening. We all agreed that the food was exactly the same! We had: raw oysters (excellent), lobster bisque (very good; I think I found a shell), a goat cheese salad, the curry moules (great, as always), a steak stew (very tender and tasty, smallish portion, very german-tasting, no veggies) and I had the steak frites, which I found a little chewy (sorry, don't know the cut).

Our waiter was good - friendly, cute and helpful - however all of our drinks (just beer) from the bar took a very long time to come out. We actually started ordering new beers when we still had half a glass left. The host was cold; it's almost commical how all of their hosts have been equally unfriendly and rushed.

Overall, great to have them back for the beer and food. It was a great start to a fun night.


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  1. My daughter and I had dinner at the bar last night. Service was alittle slow at first ( the bar in front of us had not been bussed from the previous guests meal for at least 10 minutes). The host eventually came over and pushed the plates out of the way until the bartender finally cleaned it off. That being said, we really had a good dinner and a fun time. The oysters were great, especially the ones from British Columbia called something bays. Tuna tartare was good as was onion soup. I had the mussels w/ tomato and basil and some decent frites. We would definitely return since this "upscale" restaurant is one of only a few in this area.