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Apr 14, 2007 02:40 PM

Red Fish Blue Fish- Palm Harbor

Anyone been? I've heard some good things- thinking of taking my parents there tomorrow night. Tips, suggestions, warnings? Thanks

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  1. I realize others on this board have given Red Fish Blue Fish mixed reviews, but I happen to really like the place -- especially the outdoor patio this time of year. The food is good for the most part; I particularly like their blue margaritas and plaintain appetizer. The fish entrees are typically good; I usually get crab legs when they have them on special. The patio is quite pleasant and festive, especially when they have the one-man Reggae band playing. He's quite the showman!

    1. I live near this place and have tried it at least 2 times, trying to give it the benefit of the doubt. It is TERRIBLE. The seafood is mushy and tasteless; very pedestrian; and the service about the same. We even went once to just enjoy some appetizers, but they were equally poor. Being able to sit outdoors and have a beer, without driving all the way to the beach is nice, BUT.... I would never take guests there. I have this thing about mediochre seafood places; especially with the prices they charge for a piece of fish. I would never go to this place again. Sorry RFBF.

      In the same North Pinellas Area, I would definitely recommend the Thirsty Marlin in Palm Harbor or Wild Fish, in Clearwater, over Dead Fish, BLow Fish, any day of the week. Just much better food, cooked much better, at the same prices, in nicer or equally nice setting. You can eat outdoors at either place.

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        I also like Thirsty Marlin, but have had better seafood at Red Fish, Blue Fish. I love the seared Ahi with the wasabi and ginger, Perfectly rare. WAY over cooked at Thirsty Marlin. To each his own! We always bring friends and have never had a complaint.

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          Got to agree with wishbugger. I was at RFBF early on when it first opened. The fish was not good. I would not go back for a second try. I can't figure out why there are still there. I also agree on the alternatives listed but would add Catch 23. Another one of the pick your fish and pick one of the following sauces type place.

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            Is Wild Fish still open? Catch 23 in Clearwater is no more. Last time I drove by a new seafood place was coming soon. Not sure if it's opened yet. Catch 23 in Westchase is still open and still very good.

          2. We live very close to RFBF and go there periodically. It is average at best and often mediocre. The outdoor patio is pleasant. The fried seafood is generally better than other things although I've had good grilled shrimp. It is just so inconsistent. For example, lots of time you can get a good shrimp cocktail and then other times the shrimp are mushy. You might enjoy Ballyhoo's in Tarpon Springs more.

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              Despite mixed reviews on the boards- I tried this Red Fish Blue Fish today, much to my mom in laws desire to eat there. We shared the lobster dip appetizer- wow I was shocked- it was very creamy and super good. Nice crisp pitas to dip with too. I had the special of the day: grouper in key lime cream sauce. The sauce flavor was quite good, altho the fish was on the bland side. My hubbie had the Voo doo shrimp & they were great! Cooked perfectly and nice and spicy- as the name inplies. The rice was a bit dry, a bit bland. Veggies a little soggy. Cant say if I'd go back, maybe for drinks, apps, and ambiance.

            2. THE NEW OWNERS DON'T CARE ABOUT THE PLACE. WE TOLD THEM ALL OF THE FOLLOWING AND WERE TOLD THAT WE WOULD BE CONTACTED TO "MAKE IT RIGHT" AND STILL HAVEN'T HEARD FROM THEM. IT HAS BEEN OVER A MONTH! My fiancee and I took each of our parents to Red Fish Blue Fish. The parents were meeting for the first time so we wanted to make a good impression. We were sat outside and waited for service. The waitress came up after a few minutes and we ordered drinks. The drinks took forever to arrive. The food took even longer to be able to order and then EVEN LONGER TO ARRIVE! When it finally got there, it was mostly ok. My finacee's firecracker shrimp entree was a different story. When the waitress brought it out she mentioned that it looked like the shrimp had a large amount of the spice on top of it compared to normal. When my fiancee tried it, it turned out the spice was primarily cayenne pepper and it was way too hot to eat. We called the waitress back and had her return it for shrimp with a light amount of spice on it. By the time that came out, everyone at the table was through eating. The waitress took it back and put it in a to go container and brought it back to the table. When the bill arrived, we were charged for every meal even though my fiancee couldn't eat hers there. I called the next day to complain and the manager said that they wanted to make things right and would talk to the owner. I never got another call and haven't heard from them since. AVOID THIS PLACE IF YOU WANT TO EAT IN A TIMELY MANNER AND HAVE GOOD FOOD!

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                Wow, it's too bad to hear this place has gone so far down hill. I used to really enjoy it.

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                  I didn't think it could get much worse from when it was new. Mediocre at it's best

              2. I've been there twice and liked the place both times. First time, though, have to admit, we had to move our table of 12 to outside since there was something wrong with the plumbing in the bathroom and the nearby dining room smelled so bad it had to be vacated. :(