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Apr 14, 2007 02:39 PM

Niagara Falls close to fallsview casino

Hey everyone, Im going to niagara falls in a couple weeks with my boyfriend and another couple and I know that there are tonnes of threads on niagara falls, and for the most part people just say to go to niagara on the lake to eat, but thats not really an option for our time budget.. so, we're stayin at the fallsview, and seeing as we're all students would like something fairly cheap (have to save the money for the casino of course) and better than a hotel buffet that is close by to the casino. Any suggestions?

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  1. If you want a great Italian meal, I would go to Napoli Ristorante. Delicious meals, very good ingredients used, talented chef, anda casual atmosphere. When I go visit my parents in Niagara, it's one of the only places we'll eat at in the city. (5485 Ferry Street, Tel: 905-356-3345). Another great spot is Antica Pizzeria (5785 Victoria Avenue, 905-356-3844). They have thin crust pizzas made to order in a wood-burning oven.

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      thanks for the reply, whats the prices like at napoli?

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        Hmmm.... My parents always pay when I visit them (I'm a lucky gal). But from what I can recall, I'd say it's mid-range, and good value for the money. It is definitely cheaper than many of the other tourist traps in the city (Niagara Falls has many spots that jack up prices to compensate for the short tourist season, which is why a place like this - that gets lots of locals - tends to be more reasonable).

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            There's an Indian restaurant on Stanley Ave. across from the Double Tree Hotel (10 minute walk from the Fallsview) called 'A Passage to India'. 12 bucks for the weekend buffet, great naan, family atmosphere, very nice.

            1. re: flipp

              Napoli for sure. I like the Wolfgang Puck Cafe too.

              1. re: The Macallan 18

                alright thanks for the advice guys, I'll make sure if we run into these places we will check them out

                1. re: hungryabbey

                  Pizza Antica, at the top of the hill by the criminal’s wax museum. They have THE BEST pizza. (thin crust) The Best.... and very reasonable. This place was a great secret but has since caught on so expect a line...
                  Well worth it.

                    1. re: hungryabbey

                      Yes it is sit in, it's a family style restaurant. and every time we leave to drive home we grab a couple of pies for the road to... Pizza that is :)

                      1. re: Connoisseur

                        oh excellent, okay I'll remember this one too. thanks!

    2. I understand that there is a diner in the Fallsview Hotel itself called Famous that is supposed to be pretty good. Unpretentious diner-style food. I haven't been myself, has anyone else?

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        There may be something to what you say. Although I haven't been there myself, I understand that it has the same owner(s?)/chef(s?) as the late, and sorely missed, Las Aguas in Hamilton. They just decided to go another way from fine dining to diner-style cooking.

        1. re: downtown

          I've been to the "Famous" actually and it is an unpretentioous diner in fact. I do believe they have the best Egg Salad on Challah I've ever eaten outside my own sandwich!! They have a good burger with great fries as well...Coleslaw sucks IMHO I'd order a side salad instead!!! Otherwise a great casual dine in diner!