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Apr 14, 2007 12:54 PM

Glenview in Chelmsford, Ma. - Great Comfort Food

I always forget about this place, had lunch today. great comfort food. great onion rings with flakey batter. I had some mega nachos, loaded. Various sandwiches at the table were: awesome pastrami (I've had this before, they do a very nice job), Chicken bbQ sandwich, Chix quesadilla and grilled mediteranian lamb filled feta cheese, diced tomatoe and onions (hubby says was awesome). Their menu is pretty extensive, I love their calamari but didn't get it today. I watched the table next to us get a beautiful piece of haddock (next time).

Prices are decent - service isn't great but no complaints either. Place gets packed so others love it too. We've had some good dinners in here - steak tips, corn beef dinner, prime rib, shrimp scampi, etc. People always talk about this place - nothing fancy, just good food, good prices - can't go wrong.

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  1. Where is it? And where did you end up going for brunch on Easter?

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      This is just off Woods St. (in drumhill area) on Princeton St. (if coming from Lowell to Chelmsford, from that intersection just off that bridge where Market Basket and Brooks Pharmacy are). It's on Princeton St. which is Rt. 3A (going towards N. Chelmsford).

      We did the Crown Plaza in Nashua, was good, not really over the top - had my heart set on eggs bennie but it was good - I like extravagant buffets, this wasn't but neither was the price. Best part is getting together with family, and not having to clean and cook. Everyone enjoyed.

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        I used to live within walking distance of the Glenview. It is the PERFECT neighborhood joint -- good food, nice people and killer White Russians (good thing I was walking)! I won't even order a White Russian anywhere else. I live in ME now and I still try to get there once a year, around Christmas time.

      2. re: three of us

        If you're coming from the nutzoid Rt4, drumhill, rt3 now rotary-with-lights, or from the north on Rt 4, you can also take Rt 4 to Princeton St (3A) to get there... They do have a pretty prominent sign.

        I'd also ditto lexpatti -- the food is good, not-too-expensive comfort food. TONS of choices too..

      3. I've reported on this before a while ago - my experience is mixed. I had a good strip steak there - decent piece of meat, grilled with a nice crust, inside the way I asked (I would go there before I went to Outback), but we also had some really lousy red sauce stuff. Dried out pasta, overcooked veal - plus their sauce is much too sweet. Very, very busy place virtually every time I've gone.

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        1. re: applehome

          Ordering red sauce at a non Italian restaurant is a dicey proposition at best.

        2. I second that this is a great place for comfort food and the prices are very reasonable. My one complaint is that some of the servers refuse to substitute "sides". I don't eat french fries or cole slaw and will ask for rice or vegetable or applesauce (all from the "sides" menu) instead. Some servers will graciously accomodate and others just flat-out refuse. But in general, this restaurant, while never a choice for a special occasion place, is definitely an old-reliable.

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          1. re: IreneC

            Another great "old reliable" with unbelievable service, I mean phenominal service is "Good Thymes" over on Gorham St. in Lowell up past Trolley Pizza on the left. These servers get great training, I just love watching them work. I'm weird I know. They must have a very unique philosophy as a team because every time I go there, I'm amazed at everyone. Food is great, fresh.