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Apr 14, 2007 12:40 PM

Need some restaurant suggestions while I'm in Dupont Circle?

I'll be staying at the Hilton Washington (1919 Connecticut, NW).

I'm looking for suggestions for the following restaurants:
1) a place with good Pho
2) a good lunchtime Indian buffet
3) Ethiopian
4) good Thai

I'd prefer more the authentic neighborhood/ethnic less fancy places rather than the overpriced, dolled-up places.

Thanks for your suggestions!

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  1. Heritage for Indian
    Ethiopian head to U st
    Adams Morgan for loads of different ethnic food
    Mai Thai in Dupont
    Good luck finding Pho in Dupont. There's a good join in College Park, though

    1. The best Pho places (and best Viet Namese places) are in Northern Virginia. Pho 75 is a good place. Good Thai is everywhere; great Thai is Thai Square in Northern Virginia. Ethiopian is Ette or Dukem on (or near) U Street. Hertiage India for Indian but I don't think they have a buffet.

      1. For Thai I'd recommend Regent Thai on 18th st (and about T st). In addition to great food, the people that work there are very friendly.

        1. Best Pho in walking distance is Georgetown Vietnam, on M St. Long walk, though.