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Apr 14, 2007 12:30 PM

Anniversary dinner: Cru, EMP, or someplace else?

My boyfriend and I are going out for an anniversary dinner. At first, I was thinking Jean-Georges or Daniel (we have never been), but I think we want something a little more intimate, younger, and ever-so-slightly less expensive. We have celebrated past occasions at The Modern (LOVED it! --hands down best meal I've had in the city) Asiate (awful food, gorgeous views) Mermaid Inn (warm, clean, simple) and Artisanal (mmm...cheese!).

Many posts on this board have suggested Cru or EMP, but I'm open to other cozy, romantic suggestions with seriously good food. The menu at EMP doesn't look that exciting to me, so I'm wondering what the fuss is all about (I tend to like imaginative menus like the Modern).

Offbeat is okay. It doesn't have to be a traditional celebration place, but I'd really like it to feel special. We both work hard, and it would be nice to get a break from our daily lives.

Also, we'll probably go mid-week, if that's an important factor.

Thanks so much.

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  1. Have you been to Union Square Café or Bouley? Those might be good choices. Also, you could go to The Little Owl, which I loved. It's a tiny place and it can be a little noisy, but on a weeknight you should be good to go. Happy anniversary!

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      Thanks. We were thinking about Little Owl! I was a little worried that all the hype might make it crowded.

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        The Little Owl is great, but scoring a reservation is tougher these days. For a similar vibe, you might want to try August, which is nearby. Hearth would also fit within your parameters.

    2. Going in a different culinary direction, you might want to consider L'Impero. Delicious modern Italian cuisine (The polenta with mushrooms is not to be missed!) served in a space with attractive contemporary decor and lighting that provides romantic ambiance. If you happen to be going when the weather is warm, the truly charming outdoor patio facing the park is the epitome of romantic.