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Apr 14, 2007 12:00 PM

Best place for sushi in Indy?

Any recomendations for good sushi in Indy. I have heard dissapointing reviews of H20 lately so I'm looking for another place to take some friends coming down from Chicago.

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  1. Come on down to Bloomington and go to the Mikado! Ate there last night and had fatty tuna, sea bass, and yellowtail -- all impeccably fresh and delicious!

    1. I like Sansui on Range Line in Carmel very much and Ocean World on 86th Street. Sakura on Keystone used to be very good but may have slipped.

      Naked Tchopstix in Broad Ripple has a Korean funky take on things, the suhi is B+ but the restaurant is fun.

      1. Mikado downtown is pricey, but great. They have the best udon and miso soups of any sushi place I've tried here or in Detroit.

        Wasabi on 86th st is also good-consistent, too.

        I don't recommend Ocean World or that place on the corner of 82nd and Michigan Road--can't remember the name but it's in a strip mall. The tuna was bubble-gum pink and neither of us finished our sushi, which means it was really bad.

        1. I will admit, as much as I love sushi, it's been hard to go anywhere else other than Sakura. It's been consistent every time I'm there, but more importantly, the place is always packed. It's hard to go out for sushi in Indy at places which can't turn over a table at least twice per day. Consistent, steady business = fresh product (especially seafood in Indiana) in my book! Also, Mikado downtown is top notch. These two would be my recos, especially if you're going to order anything other than the typical tuna and california rolls. Good luck!

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            Ah yes, Sakura is also good (although I really don't prefer the decor as much as Mikado/Wasabi--it feels less clean to me, which is not a good thing in a sushi restaurant). Still, besides that little complaint, Sakura has always bee just fine.

            1. re: IndyGirl

              Mikado is nice. But I like Sakura's atmosphere because the interior, although not the cleanest place, seems less designed or geared toward a theme (disnification) that you get at so many mediocre restaurants in this town, or this country for that matter. I think many restaurants all too often focus on these clean, overly designed interiors and forget about the food. A bit pretentious for me. I would say the bar is a much better setting for sushi any day, especially at Sakura.

          2. I vote for H2O sushi in broad ripple. Love the unusual combinations for rolls yet the traditional nigiri flavors. Some of the best chefs in the city have been affiliated with H20 at one point or another (chefs from elements, L'ex and I'm forgetting one).

            Great atmosphere.
            Great for take-out.