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Apr 14, 2007 11:31 AM

Stillwater, MN dinner recs?

This is sort of a last minute emergency post, so I'll be grateful for any recommendations! We're off to Stillwater in a few hours with the inlaws and I'm struggling to find the right place for dinner. I've searched through the archives and I didn't find many recent conversations. I guess the only requirement is really great food. So if there is a fabulous burger place that would work...but at the same time we'd also be open to a nicer place (say in the $20/entree range) as long as its relatively open and inviting. We're not looking for something really formal, so La Belle Vie is out. I also saw Bayport Cookery, which looks really lovely--but I don't think the inlaws would love the idea of a tasting menu. We're probably looking for American or New American...along the lines of 112 Eatery. Thanks in advance, any advice is appreciated!

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  1. While I don't have any suggestions for you -- sorry -- I'm responding for the benefit of future readers to note that La Belle Vie is no longer in Stillwater. It has moved to Minneapolis across the street from the Walker Art Center.

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      Oh, I see...I assumed they had 2 locations. Thanks for responding!

      1. Two suggestions. Savories which is on Main Street in Stillwater. They have a website, we thought their food was awesome. There were people in jeans and people a little more dressed up. We really liked it there. They do take reservations.
        Also, not sure what other's opinions are about Phil's Tara Hideaway. They don't have a website or take reservations but we've had some great meals there. They have great burgers, steaks, pork chops, fish, etc. It's always packed so if you go, go early (before 6pm) or you'll have to wait by the bar or outside. It's off highway 36 going east towards Stillwater on the right side. It's a log cabin really with a fireplace and log walls inside. You feel like you're on the north shore. It is very loud though but with a group could be fun. Janice

        1. We dined at Phil's Tara Hideaway the other night. The staff were incredibly friendly and accomodating. We had a greek sampler platter that we enjoyed. Everything was very fresh even though we ordered a few minutes after closing! They serve steaks and other "American " fare too.

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            I haven't personally dined there - but I've heard excellent things about Marx in stillwater. Planning on visiting there sometime soon.

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              Several people told us good things about Marx. We had a light lunch their last week. The service was fairly unattentive and the food we tried was fairly mediocre, but we may give them another try for a dinner. Nice relaxed atmosphere there.

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                I just wanted to report back...and say thanks to all those who responded! We took off before I was able to read any of these suggestions. But based on some old threads we ended up having a glass of wine on the deck at Northern Vineyards and then had dinner at Savories.

                The setting at Northern Vineyards was a little pieced together when we went, but I definitely see how that could be a wonderful place to share some wine on a beautiful day. On Saturday there were no chairs set up, so the first people to arrive dragged chairs to the edge of the deck and hogged the view. I didn't taste before I ordered and ended up with the Pinot Blanc, which was a little too sweet for me. Next time, we'll taste before we buy...

                Dinner at Savories wasn't super-fantastic, but it definitely was good for our purposes. The in laws enjoyed it and it was the perfect atmosphere for them--cozy and inviting and they enjoyed the food. We had the Tenderloin Filet Bourguignon, Garlic Crisped Chicken Balsamico, Scallop & Lobster Spaghetti and Jumbo Shrimp Cappellini Pasta--all of which were recommended by our server. Generally I think the dishes were a bit overdone, particularly the lobster and the chicken. But like I said, it was great for entertaining the in laws.

                Thanks again for the responses. Next time we'll have to try Phil's Tara Hideaway, that sounds like an interesting place.