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Apr 14, 2007 11:27 AM

Sharing: Stripsteak vs Craftsteak (LV)

So I'll be heading out to Vegas shortly for NAB and on Monday night will be having a late dinner (9-9:30ish) and definetly want to throw back a few martinis and have a great meal. I really dont want a heavy meal and would like to share plates, which would be the best for doing so? Stripsteak or Craftsteak? Who has the best Filet Mingon or Ribeye, Sides, and Appetizers? Would realistically love to share a salad, a main dish and perhaps a side or two. Suggestions please! Thx!

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  1. I am a Craftsteak fan! Portions are large enough to share, The kitchen will take the liberty and split everything......
    Go for the Foie Gras in town!

    1. We usually share, and recently have done so at both Craftsteak and Stripsteak. I think the food at Craftsteak is superior. Stripsteak has more of a young, hip vibe. We weren't thrilled with Stripsteak but we are trying it again on Friday night. I wrote about both our meals in detail:

      Here's the link to my post on Craftsteak (and the Craftsteak portion of the post is at the top):

      Here's the link to my post on Stripsteak (sorry but the Stripsteak portion is quite a ways down):

      Hope this helps. Is the NAB really this week? I don't work in broadcasting anymore so am out of the loop, but have friends from all over the country that attend, and my husband and I are going on Thursday, but that might be too late.

      1. Just returned from LV and ate at both Craftsteak and Stripsteak. While SS was quite good, we had an incredible dinner at Craftsteak. Advantage for you is all plates (sides and steaks) at Craft are served family style on separate plates/bowls and can be easily passed around and shared. This won't be an inexpensive meal but well worth the cost. The Kobe skirt was amazingly good and both ribeyes and strips were flavorful and tender. For sides, go for the roasted maui onions and the potato pureee.

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          The onions and the puree at CS are outstanding. The puree is like liquid!

        2. i'll have to agree with the masses on Craststeak, but you really can't go wrong with either.

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            Thanks for all the responses and advice. I havent had a chance to try a Michael Mina or Tom Colicchio venture yet and was almost leaning towards SS since Craft will be opening in LA soon (supposedy another month or 2), however cant deny the advice from fellow hounds, so it looks like CS it is.

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              when going to SS make sure you get the duck fat fries. we actually got them compliments of the chef when we were there. they take fries to a new dimention.

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                Actually could not agree less. Last Saturday everyone in the entire joint got duck fat fries "compliments of the chef". Basically just exactly as good (or not) as Mickey D's finest. Chipotle sauce had no discernible chipotle flavor whatsoever, though truffle was aioli pretty tasty. What's the hoohah about?

          2. There is no question that Craftsteak is a far superior restaurant to Stripsteak. I love Mina but stripsteak really disappoints - check out this experience from AhitoZiti - I had a similar experience.

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              different strokes for different folks the place can be...but heck...craftsteak ain't a library !! it, B&B, FIX, Stack, the volume is up there...but doesn't this "fit" with Vegas ?!?!? for a quieter location, that's a topnotch steakhouse, try prime, if you want quiet, every resort / casino has a restaurant for you ( for mandalay - i suggest fleur de lys...mgm - nob hill...etc )

              i probably give the nod to craftsteak too...but to say far superior...i disagree

              as to the other comments about the duck fries....i liked them ( especial since they were "gratis" ) but didn't really think the duck element made a big dif