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Apr 14, 2007 11:15 AM

Fim Festival eats

Will be in town for the TriBeca Film Festival want a great place in TriBeca ,Meatpacking for lunch. Cuisine and price do not matter.Great food and atmosphere are a must.Thanks

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    1. Cafe Habana is the place. The food here is good and the location is not that far from the Tribeca Film Festival. It's kind of small but really popular. Good portions :O).

      Or you can check out Republic, the food here is excellent also. Noodles, I always get # 31 Seared Marinated Salmon it's the best.

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      1. re: uhmm26

        Even though the atmosphere at Republic is kind of cool, the food is just not that good.

        Petite Abeille has a location in Tribeca -- good moules frites, slightly overpriced.

        1. re: persimmon

          I never really tried any other food there besides the salmon # 31. I would do a comercial spot for Republic just for # 31. Patite Abellille, never herd of it before. I will check it out myself.

        2. re: uhmm26

          no offense, but cafe habana and republic are nowhere close to any of the theaters involved with tribeca. habana does have great food, but i have to say, the poseur crowd makes it almost unbearable, to actually stay to eat. i always do takeout, and run like hell.
          in tribeca, landmarc is solid. if you're in a pinch, and the weather is good, sandwiches at columbine, for takeout, are excellent. nobu is obviously nobu. turks and frogs does good small plates, mediterranian, but overpriced. Odeon is a Manhattan classic, with a film and literature pedigree. for old new york ambiance, ear inn has indy film and has new york history carved into the barstools. nancy whisky is also worth a drink. upstairs bouley is a gem, but only if you're taking a true foody.
          i would avoid the meatpacking district, but if you must, florent has history, and pastis is solid, but can be annoying, crowd wise.

          1. re: smrtazz

            I totally forgot about Ear Inn! That's an excellent suggestion. Great great great atmosphere, good bistro style food. For the OP, if this is of interest, it's on Spring St, a half block past Greenwich.

        3. Cercle Rouge - great French bistro fare, reasonable wine and nice outdoor seating too - if it ever gets warm...

          1. If price does not matter, then Bouley (contemporary French) is the best in Tribeca area. There is also Upstairs at Bouley which is more causal than and less expensive.

            Agree with LFeinberg on Landmarc for causal American / Italian dining.

            1. I noticed the other day that there is Tribeca Film Festival activity as far up as the Clearview on 23rd between 8th and 9th. If you should find yourself up that far, try Negril (spicy Jamaican food) on 23rd close to 9th, and then go around the corner for dessert at Billy's Bakery (9th Ave and 21st).

              Down in Tribeca proper, for a slightly liquid lunch, I would recommend stopping at Nancy Whiskey's (the oldest bar in Tribeca) on West Broadway a block below Canal. Great burger, steak fries and a beer, all of which can be had for a total under $10. The atmosphere can't be beat, it's a weird, funny local scene in the daytime.