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Apr 14, 2007 11:10 AM

Looking for good Chinese in Seacoast NH

My wife and I have been in New England for three years now and haven't had luck finding much good Chinese food. We live in Portsmouth and need help. Any leads or advice would be most welcome.

Truh, I can't believe I found you on another message board. Let's grab a pint.


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  1. Well, the non-response to this post must indicate that there are no “good” Chinese restaurants in the Seacoast area.

    That being said, I have heard Exeter may have a good place to find decent Chinese food. There appear to be three restaurants there, but my guess is that Pine Garden may be the one to try.

    1. I'm definitely no expert, but there's a relatively new place in Stratham called the Jade Palace, which my wife and I both really like. It's in the the strip mall on 33 where Office Depot is.

      They also have a sushi bar there--and I hate the idea of serving multiple ethnic cuisines, but the sushi was surprisingly good.

      And....there is an adjacent bar bar which is a great place to hang out if you're waiting for take-out. I winced while watching the bartener pour me a Guineess. And again, to my surprise, it was not that bad--certainly better than some of the other pints I've had in Portsmouth.

      Overall, definite thumbs up. Much better than Szechuan Taste in Exeter. Closer to the food in Chinatown.

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        I went with my family 2 weeks ago and Jade Palace is a great deal for the money ! Fresh, hot, frequently changed items on the buffet (I didn't try the sushi but my SIL said it was very fresh). 5 people with drinks and tip for $ 65.00 for sunday lunch.

        1. re: ChrisB

          We tried this (Jade Palace) for lunch today and it was pretty good.

          We stuck to the Chinese lunch menu.

          Egg rolls were hot and crispy. Pork fried rice was flavorful. Both dishes were good and the service was good.

          I originally wanted to try the sashimi, but there was some confusion about the price of sake, so we decided to stick to the other side of the menu. We looked at the sushi bar, but there wasn't much in the way of fresh fish in the glass case (1/2 of the case along the bar contained sea shells).

          I wouldn't compare this to Boston's Chinatown, there's no Dim Sum and it has "Chop Suey" and "Pu Pu Platter" on the menu, so it is Americanized with requisite tiki style drinks.

          They also have sizzling Mongolian dishes one of which was lamb!

          Definitely better than most in the area . . . thanks for the rec.

        2. Thanks to you all for the recommendation. Hopefully my wife and I can have a datenight and hit up Jade Palace.

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            Yo JayT! Not sure how I missed your original post!

            As far as Chinese is concerned, we usually get take-out at a place on 236 in Eliot - it's in the strip mall that also houses a Shipyard "brewpub," on the left as you are heading towards S. Berwick. Is it authentic? Probably not, but we think it's the best for our immediate area. And it's strictly a take-out place. If you go, you'll see what I mean.

          2. The original comment has been removed