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Apr 14, 2007 11:01 AM

Wood Spoon: Brazilian Cafe in Downtown LA (Quick Review)

SO and I have been to Wood Spoon for lunch four or five times since it opened four months ago, but last night was the first time we went for dinner - and as there isn't a thread on this site yet that is devoted to Wood Spoon, I thought I would start one to mark the occasion.

Wood Spoon is located in a small storefront on 9th Street with sunflowers in the windows. It's decorated in white and yellows and oranges, with light wood tables with exposed ply edges. Besides the furniture and light fixtures, there's not much to it, and in a good way - it's bright and clean and simple - a great spot to be able to walk to in jeans and flip-flops and have dinner with friends.

Surprisingly, we started with an amuse (not a normal feature, I don't think) of kebit (sp.?), little fried torpedos of ground beef served with wedges of very juicy lime - delicious. SO got the pork burger (much-lauded by ipsedixit elsewhere on this site: and I got the chicken pot pie (also a CH favorite). His came with freshly-fried sweet potato fries, and mine came with a small mixed green salad. I only had a bite of his burger, but one bite was enough to know that this is a superlative burger - great bread, great meat, excellent garnish. But my pot pie was even better - flavorful shredded chicken mixed with green olives and hearts of palm in a creamy sauce, all tucked into the best pastry crust I've ever had that didn't come out my mom's kitchen. The owner makes them herself daily, and only 14 per day, and you can taste the care that goes into their making. Total dinner tab for 2: less than $25 - and I had the half of the pot pie that I couldn't finish last night for breakfast this morning!

Wood Spoon
107 W. 9th Street
Downtown Los Angeles

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  1. Glad you liked this place and great review!

    Try the entire(!) pork burger next time ... it's quckly become a lunch-time addiction, er, uh, habbit of mine. :-)

    The owner is really sweet as well ... gave me a sample of her cinammon sugar cookies as a "to-go" gift!

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      Plus there's the theme dinner's on Saturday. This Saturday 4/21 is the Brazillian national dish, and next Saturday is Paella night. I moved in right down the street and find myself there often. Really pleased with it. Love the Kibe.

      1. re: nichol

        excellent review. i, too, live right around the corner from wood spoon and i think it's great. i've never had the kibe. i'll have to try it next time.

        downtown needs more places like wood spoon.

        1. re: 9thandBroadway

          great review........
          I think we all just moved into the same place down the street....
          I too finally had dinner and even better I had breakfast this past saturday.
          I had the steak and eggs which were so good but what really stole the show was the Mango Orange juice......WOW.
          The owners are really nice people.

          1. re: afs

            I just went back for lunch, again.

            Pork burger with limeade. Really, really hit the spot. Plus, those thick sweet potato fries are like butter in the mouth.

    2. We just had lunch there today and found it to be great. I had the pork burger, which was definately as good as described...another person had the chicken salad and said it was the best they had ever had...another person had the grilled brazillian sausage, which was also very tasty...and the final person had the steak sandwich, which was great but had a few too many peppers. I highly recommend this little place...and their coconut water is basically a cracked open, fresh coconut. mmm.

      1. Thanks for the reports, all. This place sounds really great. I work close and I'll be stopping in soon. Any ideas for parking close by?

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        1. re: CulverJack

          If you work close by, I would suggest walking or the Dash.

          Well, worth the effort IMO.

          1. re: ipsedixit

            Well, close by as in at USC. DASH out of USC is rumored by my coworkers to be slow - so we usually drive places. But I've been looking for a good reason to give DASH a try... Looks like I have one now.

          2. re: CulverJack

            I guess I've always been pretty lucky because I've been able to park on the street and at most walk a block to either Wood Spoon or L'angolo next door. But if there isn't, I guess the only other parking option is to pay like $10 at the lots.

          3. I had lunch at WoodSpoon yesterday. I overindulged a bit with both the coxinha and the pot pie. (I was full after the four coxinha and about two bites of the pie.) The coxinha were crisp and not at all greasy, just right. They had a nice hint of spiciness that creeps up on you - the best kind of spiciness, I think - but it never overwhelms. The pot pie is just fantastic. I was expecting some sort of of juicy, soupy thing, I suppose, or at least as much vegetables as meat, but it's a lot of meat there. Excellent. I can't wait to return to explore more of the menu items; first up will be the pastel Portuguese and that pork burger.

            I like the room a lot with its simple walls, old cracked terrazzo floors, long benches, and old, recycled chairs. It's a hip downtown café that doesn't work too hard to be such. I have a coworker who wants to have lunch at the awful Bossa Nova near work because she wants to try Brazilian food; I'm going to try to set up a weekend lunch outing with her here instead.