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Apr 14, 2007 10:53 AM

Korean Seafood Pancakes?

Who's got the very best Korean seafood pancake in Sourthern California (Los Angeles, Orange County, Inland Empire)? Thus far, we've tried them at Soju Town (Wilshire Blvd, LA) Park's BBQ (Vermont near Olympic, LA) and Ka Hwa (Golden Springs Road, Diamond Bar) and all have been delicious, but who really has the BEST?

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  1. Well, I've never had the seafood one there, but the pork and pickled vegetable pancake at Sa Rit Gol rocks! Since everything there is good I imagine the seafood pancake would be too.


    1. My vote goes for Chosun Galbee... mmmmmm... and not greasy.

      1. I like Ko Ba Woo's seafood pancake (7th and Vermont). It is very large and needs to be shared.

        1. It's definitely PARK'S BBQ.

          Park's is quickly becoming my favorite Korean BBQ joint --- easily replacing my monthly Soot Bull Jeep fix. A bit pricier than most, but definitely worth it. Tokyo-X pork belly and the Kobe beef .... nuff said.

          Park's BBQ
          955 S Vermont Ave
          (213) 380-1717

          1. It probably isn't the "very best" but if you need a quick inexpensive fix, at the Hollywood Farmer's Market (Vine/Cahuenga between Sunset and Hollywood) on Sunday mornings, there is a Korean restaurant's food stand, and they make a couple of varieties of those pancakes. I'm not sure what restaurant they're affiliated with but they've been setting up at the Farmer's Market for ages.