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Apr 14, 2007 09:45 AM

Lounge area for 20 people times square/mid town for drinks and appetizers

I'm hosting a work dinner and want to find somewhere fun to make a relaxed small plates / drinks dinner...a private room or lounge would be great but flexible. Office is on Broadway in the 50s. We'll have about 15 - 20 people. Ideally we wouldn't have to sit at table but be able to circulate and talk to everyone. Ideas?

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  1. Stonerose Lounge in the Time Warner Building.

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      Thanks. I'll check it out. Also, have you heard of Latitude in Hell's Kitchen? Been there?

    2. MOBar at The Mandarin Oriental @ Columbus Circle

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        Opia (57th/Lex) has a little den that you can reserve that has small couches....seats about 20. Decent appetizers.

      2. PS 450 on Park at 30th. Great sliders and other bites.

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        1. The rooftop at 230 Fifth is awesome, too.

          1. Two suggestions:

            1. Kemia underneath Marseille on 43rd and 9th. I was going to have a party for my wife there, but it didn't work out, timing wise. looks perfect for what you are looking for.

            2. Disiac on 54th and 9th. Its a very small bar that would probably be willing to rent the whole place to you for a couple of hours --its a bar first, with great cocktails, but they have food too. They have an outdoor area as well, if its nice.