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Apr 14, 2007 09:31 AM

Sour Cherry Juice?

Does anyone know where I can buy sour cherry juice, preferably in or near Kensington.


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  1. I can usually find it in most Polish and Russian grocery stores. Unfortunately, I live up north and can't recommend anything by you specifically.

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    1. re: dlw88

      Last I knew Hy &Zels had a big sale at 99cents a carton., generally $1.79 to $2.00 , Turkish. The best is Turkish; some of the Eastern European countries have learned to dilute a excessively.The stuff is a standby at Marche Istanbul, on Dufferin about 3200, the Toronto branch of the Montreal importer.

    2. I get it regularly at the juice stand in the lower part of the SLM.

      They sell two varieties in glass 1lt bottles - organic and regular. I have found not to be superior in taste in any way.

      It's surprisingly hard to find, lots of sour cherries, lots of cherry juice around, but little sour cherry juice. It's goooood stuff!

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      1. re: orangewasabi

        No Frills at Gerrard and Pape sells it. Love that stuff.

      2. You can buy it from this site in Montreal. A one litre bottle (concentrated) makes sixteen litres of juice. Free shipping on all orders $49.00 and over. They ship to Quebec and Ontario only. I'm now waiting for mine.

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          that's cool, Gaylelee. Please report on the flavour when you receive it. Thinking about the taste of the concentrate is making my mouth pucker right now!