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Apr 14, 2007 08:46 AM

Petite Marche and Hibino

Thinking of going to either of these places tonight--do you need a reservation?

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  1. Not sure about Petite Marche. Posts on this board in the past have said you can walk in to Petite Marche when Noodle Pudding and Henry's end are packed. I don't know if they take reservations at Hibino. You might have to wait a bit, but not long. If you go to Hibino, pick up some beer, wine or sake, they don't have their liquor license yet.

    1. Sorry too late, but Hibino does not take reservation. You can go put your name down and browse the neighborhood. Bklyngrl is right to point out that they do not have liquor license just yet, so, there is a liquor/wine store on Atlantic Avenue and Henry St.

      I went last night and it was packed throughout our stay. We went around 7 or so and waited 30 minutes -- cool thing is they'll take your cell number and call you when your table is ready. That allowed us to walk around the area...

      1. Le Petit Marche only takes reservations for parties of 6 or more. You used to be able to get in when Noodle Pudding and Henry's End were packed, but it seems like Le Petit Marche is becoming a destination in its own right. Two of us went around 7:45 on Saturday and it was PACKED! We were too hungry to wait, tried Jack the Horse which was closed for a private party and ended up at Cafe Buon Gusto on Montague. I'm glad Le Petit Marche is doing so well and glad to see that a restaurant with good food and atmosphere will do well, but next time I will certainly plan better!

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          We walked over to NOODLE PUDDING on Friday night. The wait was 45 min -1 hr.

          We had eaten at LE PETIT MARCHE a few nights before, ditto for HENRY'S END. Both were excellent. So nice to have three exscellent restaurants close by. The food is consistently good at all three. I had the famous Fried Chicken at HE. It is outstanding.

          Didn't feel like waiting so we walked over to HEIGHTS CAFE on Montague Street. A surprisingly delicious dinner. Lovely fresh mixed green salad to start, then I had the Swordfish which was excellent, and my DH had the Catfish stuffed with Crab Risotto. We shared their delicious warm Chocolate Cake for dessert.

          We've had good experiences there recently. It is usually fairly crowded, but you can almost always get in. Very reasonable prices as well.

          HEIGHTS CAFE has one of the loveliest outdoor dining spaces in town, a real sidewalk Cafe atmosphere. That fills up very fast.

          All we need now is a little Spring!

        2. There was an item about LE PETIT MARCHE in this week's Brooklyn Paper.

          CNN's Anderson Cooper had dinner there last week.

          There goes the neighborhood.

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              It's on the corner of Henry and Pacific St.